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Last day of summer
Last day of summer

Last day of summer

Well, not really. A starts on Monday, J a week later. But tomorrow early am I leave for four days, so that makes today the last day of the summer!!! Can I have a hallelujah?

Thank you. I needed that.

I will now begin radio silence, as I desperately need to pack, get everything ready for A to start school, run errands, and basically just do things that do not involve the computer. Much.

Monday I’ll be doing the “Happy Happy Back to School” dance and pouring virtual margaritas. C’mon by.


  1. Gee, mine have to wait until September 2nd to go back to school. I go back to work next week Wednesday. Huh… maybe my kids will be doing the “Mom has gone back to work and will stop nagging us all day long dance”, LOL.

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