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Let it snow
Let it snow

Let it snow

Ah…first snow of the year. Not much of a snow, more like a cold, heavy rain. Something we’ve learned living in Colorado is that snow is really no big deal. It’s not the end of the world, it’s not gonna stick around turning grey for six months, it’s just a colder form of precipitation. A rather Zen perspective, no?

Growing up in Chicago, snow was…SNOW!!!! Once it showed up, life as you knew it was over. Cold and snow and cold until May or so. And more cold. And some wind. And cold.

We used to celebrate First Snow with a Chinese hot pot (Google it, I’m typing this with a single thumb on my iPhone), but I fell out of the habit after getting married. And when snow isn’t SNOW!!!!, it isn’t as big a deal. I do miss it though. Something I’d like to bring back now that the boys are a little older.

So it snowed today and melted almost as fast. But…there’s another storm on the horizon, and this one could be SNOW!!!!

I’m just not ready for a snow day yet.


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