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Living in the cloud
Living in the cloud

Living in the cloud

It never ceases to amaze me how dependent on technology society is. I’m convinced that if all the technological advances of the last 150 years simultaneously failed we’d be at a loss as to how to create fire. Screwed is what I’m saying here.

My laptop is still off partying with Computer Guru, and now the house phone line is kaput. Dead. Simply static. Tom is on a rapid-fire business trip to Chicago and back today and got a busy signal when he tried calling. No voice mail, just nada. Yay! I get to call phone-tree hellQwest! Hopefully Guru has my cell number, ’cause if Princess is done today and I don’t find out because of another technological SNAFU, the irony may just kill me.

Relying on my iPhone (oh, let me whisper sweet, obscene nothings to you, my love) and a commandeered borrowed computer has impressed upon me the wisdom of moving more of my life to the cloud. I can access my calendar through the iPhone (whisper, whisper) and MobileMe; my to-do list through the iPhone (call me…) and  ToodleDo; and Facebook through the iPhone (why don’t you call?) and any commandeered borrowed computer. Email is killing me. I’ve been happy with my Earthlink account for years, but with more of my life being lived online, I need an email account that changes as I read on the iPhone (you’re pretty…). So I’m starting the painful and arduous task of changing my email address to gmail accounts. If I understand it correctly, I can set it up so that changes made on the iPhone (I love you…) show up on a commandeered borrowed computer, and vice versa. Right now it ain’t so, and deleting messages twice and relying on spotty memory for replies is losing its charm. Just doing this at the holidays has about as much appeal as learning to create fire.

I must go enter phone-tree hell call Qwest now. And then follow that up with a trip to the post office to mail the remaining Christmas gifts. And, just to make the day absolutely complete with a trifecta of fun, I plan to break something so that I can spend several hours being ignored at the ER.


  1. TalkToQwest

    Hey there, this is Brian with Qwest. I’m sorry that your home phone isn’t working at the moment. I’d be happy to help get it fixed. I read that you were going to give us a call, but if you haven’t yet, and/or would like more help with it, please send me an e-mail to TalkToUs@Qwest.com, and I’ll be happy to take a look at your line.


    Consumer Affairs Manager
    Qwest Communications

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