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Living in the moment while on a car trip…now with haiku!
Living in the moment while on a car trip…now with haiku!

Living in the moment while on a car trip…now with haiku!

PhotobucketI can think of exactly two things that force me to live in the moment or lose my everlovin’ mind. One is painting. If I think about how much work is involved and how much trim there is and how on earth am I going to get the ceiling…I’ll go insane. It’s just swish swish swish enjoy the paint and don’t think about it.

The other is a road trip.

Thursday we drove from Colorado to northern Iowa. Roughly 16 hours on the road. I read if I can, but sometimes I get a little flurpy from reading in the car (it is too a word!) so instead I go all zen and try not to think. Don’t think about the miles behind, don’t think about the miles ahead, don’t think about anything but the moment.

And haiku.

Tom discovered his inner poet on this trip, and because he drove I posted his ruminations on my Facebook page. He’s really quite good, and to commemorate for all time Road Trip 2010 Through Haiku, I share them here.

(9:54 am)

Boys in the backseat
Watching Popeye videos
Too far to a beer.

(10:22 am)

Construction season
Interstate now creeping by
Orange signs of doom.

(12:54 pm)

Hard to steer the car
Wind breaking on the prairie
Was that a feed lot?

(2:47 pm)

Are we there yet? No
Repeat ad infinitum
Are we there yet? No

(3:23 pm)

Cruise control waiting
Pass the damn truck already
Left lane idiots!

(5:10 pm)

Best Whole Foods EVER
In Omaha Nebraska
Wondering why here

(6:44 pm)

A convenience store
Releases my inner teen
Kum N Go (giggle)

(8:50 pm)

Iowa twilight
Insects quickly meet windshield
There’s a juicy one!

<Insert a few days in Iowa here, including a wedding, time with the cousins, and not nearly enough strong coffee and red wine for survival>

(11:42 am)

Name the cup contest
For Kum and Go fountain drinks
How about “Big Spooge?”

(1:10 pm)

Iowa rivers
Work really well for haiku

(1:37 pm)

Field Of Dreams for sale
Five million dollar price tag
Do they take Visa?

(4:07 pm)

Got gas at Pilot
Memo to BP: you suck
Support the boycott!

And then we made it to Chicago. Coming up this weekend, Road Trip 2010 Through Haiku, the Return!!!!


This month’s theme for NaBloPoMo is “Now.”


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