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Lock up your daughters
Lock up your daughters

Lock up your daughters

The dog days of summer have hit and I got nuttin. Except…we have the dog days of summer, but what is the winter equivalent? That’s usually February for me…I guess I could call it the “oh God please let winter be over already for crying out loud” days of winter.

So in honor of the fact I got nuttin, I present the debut appearance of the most beautiful children ever born. Yeah, the mom in me is coming out with a vengeance. Have a good day!

J is on the left, A is on the right. They’re wearing their “Grandpa shirts”…my dad, who is a closet hippie, buys tie-dye shirts for the boys and they love them! And believe it or not, this shot really shows their personalities; J happy and content, A bubbling over with excitement.

See what I mean about those eyes???? He’s got my grandpa’s eyes. J can get darned near anything with those eyes…

A was messin’ around waiting for J to quit freaking out (no idea why) and the photographer got this shot. For a not-planned-shot, I love it. He was pretending to do karate moves, and this is a very brief pause between karate kicks and hits. It shows his little funky attitude, and just makes me smile.

So there ya go with the most awesome and beautiful boys ever. I love good shots like these…it reminds me that I adore my sons, especially right this very minute, ’cause I have to go outside and duct tape them to the porch for tossing rocks through the downspout yet again!


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