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Magnetix Recall
Magnetix Recall

Magnetix Recall

These are some of A’s very favorite toys. If you have them, return them. I have to go hunt down all the pieces and get them the hell out of my house.


  1. Anonymous

    Here’s what I dont understand. Don’t these parents ever actually watch their children? the 18 month old … watch your kids. If you know there might be a potential problem, they should be in the room with you while they are playing with stuff like that. The older kids should have been taught to keep toys out of their mouth. That’s the problem with parents today, it just so much easier to let their kids go off on their own and let someone else deal with the consequences. I get so tired of hearing about things like this. WATCH YOUR DARN KIDS OR DON”T HAVE THEM!!!

  2. Lydia

    Do you actually have kids anonymous. Have you ever seen the magnetix toy? Well the magnets that fell out of my sons set were pretty small. They could have been easily missed. I don’t care how good a parent you think you are you cannot monitor your children 24 hours a day. In the 5 minutes while you were peeing in the bathroom with your door open one of your little monkeys is bound to get into his older brothers toys. The toys that are only set up high and not locked up like they were poison, or knifes or could kill him. Stop being so judgemental, childrens toys should not be deadly.

  3. Anonymous

    These are my sons favorite toys so I’m pretty bummed that this is happening. We’ve not had the problem with the magnets coming dislodged but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. He says that the day care they go to during the school year has them and the magnets come out all the time. He’s 7 and we talked about the dangers. He looked at me like putting toys in your mouth is a ridiculous notion to begin with, but not all kids are like that. He’s 10 year old sister still chews on Barbie feet.

    Lydia, you’re right. Kids toys just shouldn’t be deadly. I wonder if there is a way to glue them in place or maybe have the whole thing encased. It’s a REALLY powerful magnet, it’ll still build well if it’s encased.

  4. Rev. T. Monkey


    I agree with you that kids toys should not be deadly. That would seem to be a no-brainer. Yet as the parent of a small child, I also know that EVERYTHING within her vicinity is a TOY insofar as it is something that she might play with. Coins, balloons, pencils, etc. are all toys to her and all are potentially deadly.

    So what has kept my child from killing herself with all these potentially dangerous toys lying around? Not warning labels and not litigation. No, my wife and I have resorted to some tried and true methodologies for risk management: thinking, paying attention, buying age appropriate toys, instructing her in safe play from the moment she began to crawl, etc. I understand it is difficult to pay attention to multiple children than it is to follow one around—which is why I advocate only having one kid. I also understand it is difficult to watch your child all the time and that accidents happen. I simply resent needing to have every product labeled or pulled off the shelf because a few accidents occur.

    I guess I have been sickened by “stupid kid syndrome” since I was five, and the Boba Fett action figure’s rocket was redesigned so that it would not actually shoot. Reason: a kid killed himself by firing a Battlestar Galactice rocket up his nose a few months earlier. I knew then that said child was stupid and that intelligent kids like me were paying for his mistake. I feel the same way now about the hub-bub surrounding this Magnetix toy.

  5. Rev. T. Monkey

    I needed to add a little supplement to my comments above. The mother of little Kenny Sweet (whose death is indeed tragic, as are the deaths of all kids) demonstrates that she needed further warnings less than she needed a good dose of common sense:

    “There’s a choking hazard, it doesn’t say that it can cause severe injury or death,” she said.

    WTF?! Since when was a choking hazard not potentially injurious or lethal? Hasn’t Ms. Sweet wonder why performing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking person was so important? Did she just think that choking led to more choking? Ugh. Better ban some more toys so the Ms. Sweets of the world don’t have to put two and two together.

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