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Meekrob and Mung
Meekrob and Mung

Meekrob and Mung

It’s not easy to admit, but I have one helluva mouth. Yes, profanity is the fallback of those with a poor vocabulary, yadayadayada, I get it. I also know that my stress levels aren’t going to drop by me switching over to “gollygoshdarn.” I have a very strong filter, and the boys have learned never to repeat anything they ever hear while I’m driving. Or when I’m practicing my flute, especially lately, as it hurts like a <bad word> to play piccolo with severe TMJ.

My brother, however, has a filter that is not quite as advanced. He’s in the Army Reserves, was active military for awhile, his son is still young enough to not understand or repeat what he hears (yet….mwahahahhahaha), and has never set foot in a classroom as a teacher.  So his mouth out-mouths mine. We’re a real pair when we get together, yes. He’s gotten better around the boys, but…not…quite.

Several weeks ago we were all up at my parents’ weekend home in Wisconsin. It’s been named Wits End, and yes I named it, because I wanted to be able to say “I’m at Wits End” and mean it, and it’s the perfect weekend hideaway for all of us. And my little brother was describing someone and was about to use a particular word that even I won’t use, stopped by my wild eyes and choked “agh!” The boys, of course, were greatly intrigued by this new forbidden word and only through great effort by everyone in the room was the conversation re-directed.

Ten minutes later I get this text from my brother, sitting across the room:


Needless to say, we are all having an enormous amount of fun with this. A and J truly believe meekrob and mung are the dirtiest swears to exist. My brother and I about pee ourselves with the hilarity of it all. The boys use these nonsense words and I get all Mom Faced and chew them out. They think they’re getting away with something and I get a chuckle nearly every day.

Those boys. They really need to watch their meekrob mouths or I’m going to wash their mouths out with mung.


  1. Rich

    Love it. Wish I could get to see them reading a Thai restaurant menu. 🙂

    Ever since the road trip where we sang along to Book of Mormon, the last of the swearword cats have been out of the bag. There are bits of Hasa Diga Eebowai that none of us will sing along to…and we aren’t exactly shrinking violets!

    Our philosophy towards our child’s language is that he gets to use ’em as long as he demonstrates properly when NOT to use ’em…at grandma’s, 4H meetings, etc, (He’s approaching 13 and many of his friends are older…can’t shelter him anymore.)

    1. Jen

      Someday, Rich, we will be in a Thai restaurant and hilarity will ensue. I, for one, cannot wait and hope my brother is there for that bit of fun. 🙂
      I don’t care if they know the words, I just don’t always want to hear them. They certainly know how to swear in context, but rarely do within earshot. And while we own the Book of Mormon recording, I don’t think we’ve even listened to it all the way through yet. LOL!

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