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Mmmm…I feel wefweshed!

Hellooo dahlinks, did you miss me? It’s good to be back. First and foremost, a very Happy New Year to the general bloggy world. I whizzed through many blogs today and it looks like we all survived the holidays relatively unscathed. This was the most relaxing vacation in recent memory.

Until today, when Tom wrangled with our new doors and right now, it’s doors 1, Tom 0.

Let me back up.

Our Christmas present to ourselves was new doors for our main floor, to replace the “what kind of crap can we give them before their heads frickin’ explode” doors the builders installed. New, beyoootiful, 6 panel doors, lovingly painted with a lovely glossy white paint. We repainted the trim that same lovely glossy white paint. Love my doors.


Nice, huh? Much better than what we had before. But apparently when you buy doors, they’re too wide and you have to have the store shave them down to the correct width. Tom discovered this…again…after he tried to hang them. Notice that two of the three doors do not close. He will be taking them back to Home Depot tomorrow after work to have them adjusted. It’s so cute that it only takes him going through the effort of chipping away at the doors with a chisel, stripping out the screw holes in the door jamb, and losing an entire afternoon, to realize that I was right when I said to just take them back and have them adjusted. In the meantime, if you come by my house needing to pee, you’ll either need to lose all modesty, do a flight of stairs, or just cross your legs and not think about it.

In other news…

I thought…briefly…about posting a list of resolutions. And then the urge passed. I don’t like resolutions at the beginning of the year. Mainly because I resolve to alter my course several times a year: January (New Year), June (hey, it’s summer!), and September (ahhh…Back To School…my three favorite words). The courses I’m altering at this time of the year are: to read a book a month, to use the 3 month membership we just got at our New!And!Improved! rec center, to take more pictures (poor J…suffers from Second Child Syndrome…hardly any pictures of him), and not take up any new hobbies/interests that will suck time and energy from the previous three. Oh, yeah, and that whole world peace thing. Gotta get going on that.

A goes back to school on Thursday, just shortly before I consider selling him to the Gypsies for shiny beads and pocket lint. He’s been great, but I hit my limit today when he tried to fork his brother at dinner. Ah, good times, good times. J has another week off. He will kill me with non-stop requests to 1) play computer, 2) watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, 3) feed him yet again.

Notice the yummy new header? Yup, it’s MahlerFest time again! I have music, I have rehearsals coming up this weekend, I have to get my butt in gear and practice. People tend to hear the piccolo and I really have no desire to screw this up. Just need to get my supply of sugar-free cough drops, and I’m good to go (last year I damn near choked to death coughing silently during the quietest section in the entire concert).

And now, in a fruitless attempt to get back on a schedule, I shall retire for the evening. Eh, who am I kidding? I’m freezing my happy lil’ butt off and I just want to get under the electric blanket. With a book.

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  1. The new doors are beautiful, even if they don’t close! Our doors are all 1970’s builder’s grade. But if we changed them, the new fancy doors would stick out like a sore thumb against all of the other 1970’s crap in our house!

  2. Hula Doula Hula Doula

    So what kind of new vocab have you learned while he has been doing the doors?
    Welcome back

  3. The new doors ARE nice. Great blog…always fun to read!

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