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Move along, nothing to see here…
Move along, nothing to see here…

Move along, nothing to see here…

I’ve decided I’m just going to go ahead and have a panic attack followed by a not-insignificant nervous breakdown over this move. You know, just get it out of my system already. No point putting it off any longer.

Oh, why, you ask?

Well, I’m packing like a madwoman and barely survived getting the boys’ rooms packed up and cleaned yesterday. Tom is so busy at work that he has done almost no packing; as he brings in the coin, this is to be expected. This afternoon we have a guest coming for a few days and our guest room is piled high full of stuff to store in the PODS in my driveway. Tom has two business trips coming up, and then will very likely be leaving for Chicago before the house sells. I’m freaking the hell out over finding a house in Illinois because it’s winter and apparently no one in the school district we picked wants to move. Oh, or they want my left kidney/firstborn/soul/all of the above. In packing I have to touch nearly every single thing we own and even though I cull the crap in the house on a regular basis, sweetbabyjesusonapony we have a lot of stuff. Then I freak out because any house we find back home is going to be smaller than we have here and where are we going to put everything? Then after I get the PODS packed up, I have to go through and patch and repair and repaint and then the realtor comes in and we stage the house and then we pray it sells quickly while attempting to keep two boys and a dog from messing it up. And then I get to pack up the remaining stuff in the house and drive 1000 miles with two kids (one of whom is INSISTENT that he is NEVER going to move) and a dog. Oh, and I think Rosie may be sick, but how can you tell if a basset hound is lethargic? I’ve had a niggling headache for several days and I’m sore as hell from lifting weights on Monday. Cooking around here has become “use it up or move it” so it’s been a lot of digging around in the freezers. In the big freezer is a year’s worth of beef that we bought in September and the chances of us moving it across country is nil. Atkins Diet, anyone? Every room in my house is torn to hell and I’m freezing.

I’m going to crawl under my desk and suck my thumb. If you need me, the password is “transporter.”

Right after I clear out the guest room…


  1. Oh! That sounds a little bit like a day in hell – guess that’s why I’ve clung here (like a barnacle) for 30+ years, sigh.

    Well – I wouldn’t wish what you’re dealing with on anyone, BUT I will say that I’m impressed by all you’re doing, by your willingness to move (scares the bejeezus out of me) AND your great sense of humor!

    Wishing you some transporter time!

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  3. Super Anonymous

    I have no pearls of wisdom, as usual. That SUCKS to have house guests in the middle of things. Not that it sucks to have guests and you may be best friends forever, just to add that stress of entertaining on top of packing…ouch. I have heard that apart from the death of a lived one and getting married, moving is one of the most stressful activities we do in a lifetime. Supposed to say “loved one” but having trouble with mobile phone keypad.

  4. There’s nothing that tests the human spirit more than selling a house and moving. TRUST ME. You will learn exactly how strong and resilient you are once this is behind you. If it makes you feel better, I packed my entire house on my own. Then an apartment a month later on my own. Yeah. You can do it!

  5. transporter

    How about you get the guest to help you clear out the liquor cabinet with you! That would be fun & productive. Heck, what would be WAY more fun is if you just did it yourself. It might take a few days, and you might stumble a bit – But I Know You Can Do It!

  6. Ann MoCo

    Shit, GF, you have a full plate! Deep breath, and one step at a time and all that. But, yay for Chicago! (and: what school district/town are you looking at. I’m dying of curiousity)

  7. Sarah

    Deep breaths. One piece at a time. Can supply neck massage for as long you are here. And if no massage, I can always supply wine.

    Hugs. It’ll all get done, and you’ll be unpacking back in Chicago!!

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