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Mulligan, please!
Mulligan, please!

Mulligan, please!

I’m sure you’ve had the kind of day where, from moments after awaking, you wanted to start all over. The kind of day where even staying in bed and being waited on hand and foot would still be a bad day. The kind of day where…you get the idea.

This is that kind of day.

Those kinds of days begin the night before, as we moms know. Oh, do we know. Last night A woke himself up puking in his bed. For those with a scorecard, this is two pukes in a week. Luckily, I’m reasonably ok with a vomitfest, it’s the loose teeth that get me. So I’m pretty sure that these random pukes are not related to any traveling virus, but with his ongoing digestive issues. Tomorrow morning I’m going slightly insane on our fantastic pediatrician in the hopes that he can pull a few strings and get A into the GI specialist before his September 22nd appointment. Dr. Google and I have been chatting today and I have a few leads into his pooper, but I’m sure I’m missing something. I am seriously pissed that this has been going on for so long, and my MomRadar is blaring full-on klaxon horn.

J crawled into bed with us early to snuggle. I love to snuggle with him, but I’d been up late with the puke-a-rama and a small child who is physically unable to lie still while snuggling was not terribly welcome.

Somehow, doing something, I borked up my back. Upper back, not neck for a change. I canNOT take a deep breath, so I’m fighting the sensation of suffocating. Ibuprofin isn’t touching it. I’m spending today on the couch with my laptop, attempting to get caught up and ahead on a few things. Unfortunately the things that require the most attention are downstairs in my office and can’t be done lying down. If I have shingles, have bail ready for I may strangle my husband.

Someone seriously pissed in Mother Nature’s cornflakes, ’cause there’s all kinds of October out there today. Ooh! It’s up to a steamy 66 degrees now! So it’s Cuban pork roast (low and slow, baby), peach pie (Colorado peaches are in season and we have most of a 20 pound box on the counter…sinful), and all sorts of other oven adventures while it’s cool. For awhile there I had on a sweatshirt and was wrapped up in a blanket.

The Broncos play the Chicago Bears tonight. My Chicago friends are talking smack. Uh-huh…Cutler is coming back to a stadium he dissed loudly and angrily, just mere months after doing so. It’ll be a good game; I suspect a hockey game may break out.

The universe snuck into the boys’ rooms last night and filled them full of piss and vinegar and stubbornness and conflict and OH MY GOD PLEASE STOP DOING THAT AND MAKING THAT SOUND AND JESUS FREAKING CHRIST GO DOWNSTAIRS BEFORE I START DRINKING IT’S 9:30 IN THE MORNING!

(For the love of all things holy, what was that crash from the basement?)

For the last several weeks I’ve been working to reframe my thoughts and put a more positive spin on things. Today? Nope.

Pass the ibuprofin and ice pack. Today will end shortly.


  1. Cathy

    i hope you’re back feels better–mine went out a few times last year, and i had to do the same thing–just try to lie still and hope the tv keeps my sons entertained–it’s the worst!

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