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I’m from Chicago and I take my hot dogs seriously. None of this tofu/turkey/healthy dog crap. It’s gotta be 100% beef, no fillers, with a casing that snaps. You can’t get Vienna Beef dogs out here in Colorado (at least I can’t find any), so Hebrew National is the next best bet. Poppy seed buns are also tough to find, so I make do. But I do not put ketchup on my dogs. According to Chicago hot dog law, A has another two weeks to enjoy ketchup on his hot dog, then he’s outta luck, it’s mustard or nothing. J has another three years to enjoy that abomination.

But I don’t think J is going to go along with the “mustard ONLY” decree in this house. He has his own thoughts on what should go on a dog:



Mommy! The grapes can cool off my hot dog!


  1. OMG!!! I never laughed so hard!!!!! 🙂

    Punky has turned the “mustard” corner on his dogs…..THANK GOD! Otherwise, we’d never be able to order hot dogs when we are home in IL! 😉

    I agree with the Hebrew Nationals…..they are GREAT! (I to can’t find Vienna, but we do have a great restaurant here that serves Vienna dogs!) Poppy seed buns are NO WHERE to be seen in Minnesota!

    Love the picture! That’s hilarious! (I could see my little guy using the “cooling off” logic too!)

  2. cms8741

    I am from Chicago, and to my family’s dismay…I don’t need to finish that sentence. You know how it ends.

    My husband refuses to allow me to season the kid’s dogs with ketchup, for fear that I will turn them to the dark side with me never to return.

    Maybe I’ll do the grapes.

  3. bbginanp

    Hmmm. When I lived in the Midwest, I remember that every small town had its own German butcher who had his own recipe for hot dogs (usually called franks or wieners, I never did figure out what the difference was) and people were fiercely loyal to their favorite butchers. I was impressed, though, that the Metrodome in Minneapolis had TWO KINDS of saurkraut in the condiment bar. Oh, rapture!

    Here in New England we have red-skinned hotdogs that are a little more flavorful than the standard store kind (like mild bologna in a smaller tube, really) and they snap like nothing else in this world. L hates them, I love them, and that is how it breaks down in families all over New England. Some do, some don’t. And neither side is going to convince the other of its opinion.

    But you know what? There is nothing better than a steamed red hot dog in a top-split roll with relish, mustard, celery salt, and yes, a little bit of ketchup. Oh dear god. You just know summer is here.

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  5. jennie

    I don’t really care for hot dogs, although every once in a while I will eat one but it has better be covered in all types of condiments. The boy (who was encouraged by his grandpa) now enjoys his hot dogs with peanut butter and jelly. It is difficult to watch.

  6. Umm… I like ketchup. I also like mustard. I like them together with sauerkraut on my hot dogs or brats. No apologies. 😉 A good kosher pickle too… Yummm. I have a sudden craving for a good hot dog. I wonder why?

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