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My avatar has better hair than I do
My avatar has better hair than I do

My avatar has better hair than I do

How bizarre would it be if I printed off my avatar and took it to my stylist and said, “like this.” Yeah, I thought so. Borderline psycho.

So it has come to my attention…or not…that my memory is not doing me any favors. At least three times in the last week my memory has had a short-circuit and failed me. Let’s see if I can remember…

Saturday I got into the van with Tom and the boys and immediately couldn’t find my sunglasses. My elfin-made, dried with the tears of fairies, waited for four freaking months and paid a fortune for, sunglasses. Tom was driving, I was tearing the van apart. I could read his mind (and he was stunned later when I told him, word for word, what he was thinking): “you waited four months and paid a freaking fortune for those sunglasses and you lost them?” Ten minutes later, I shifted in my seat, and there they were, stuck between my legs where I put them when I got into the van, got distracted by the boys, and promptly forgot that I put them there.

Yesterday morning I was in a hurry getting the boys into the van (seeing a theme here?) to drive A to school. Tom helped out, getting J strapped into his carseat. I got into the car, turned around to make sure both boys were buckled up, and lost my keys. Where were they? In the ignition, where I put them when I got in.

I…I can’t remember the third one, but it was similar to the first two.

So now I have to decide…is my family history of Alzheimer’s hitting me at the tender age of 34, or do I just need to learn to live in the moment better? I think it’s the latter, and I’d better get on that before the former bites me in the ass.

There was something else…what was it…oh yeah. And y’all probably thought I forgot…


I probably should print off my avatar and go for that haircut, huh?


  1. RC

    Your avatar uses the same hair as my yahoo avatar. I think I did try to have my stylist copy it and she laughed at me…

    I did get the streaks put in, though!

    Glad you found your sunglasses. I finally have lenses that weren’t pre-scratched. Remember what I said? Glasses delivered and writer’s strike is ending. Coincidence? I think not… 😉

  2. A picture! You’re real! And with gorgeous blue eyes too. Funny though, somehow I had you pictured with long hair. No idea why…

    Just yesterday I was standing outside M’s preschool frantically digging through my bag for my car keys, only to finally discover that they were in my jacket pocket, where I’d put them not 5 minutes earlier. Sheesh.

  3. Me

    Don’t mean to frighten you but last weekend on our drive to Spfld., I took over driving after stopping for gas. I went back to the car first so that I could get “my stuff” ready. After getting back on the interstate, I asked the co-pilot to find my I-pod in my bag between the seats. No I-pod. Oh no, did it fall out when I moved my coat to the back!? D&D were in the back and one of them asked “Is that it in the door pocket?” Oh boy! I had just put it there! And the really scary part? Those two in the back seat both did the same thing on the same trip! And only two of us are related! Doesn’t bode well for the future, huh?

  4. My mom just commented on my wonderful memory the other day. I laughed at her and told her I have a great long term memory, but as of the last few years my short term memory is gone, I can’t remember if I locked the door front door when going out, and I am only on the drive way loading up the girls. It really sucks!

    Maybe ginko is the answer!

  5. mertonens

    Speaking from experience (sadly) it doesn’t get any better. When those aging hormones get out of whack, you’ll forget how to brush your teeth!
    Here’s the majority of my day…run upstairs to do ….???run downstairs to twig memory….run back upstairs to do 1st thing, get distracted for an hour or so…go downstairs and remember the 1st thing again. Go down to basement to do fresh load of laundry…open washer to find last Friday’s last load of now musty darks. Rewash…throw in dryer…run upstairs to do???Go down to get stuff in dryer to find the wet dark load still sitting there unspun. Eat some chocolate biscuits. Swallow some black cohosh with prune juice. Life’s great after 40! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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