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NaBloPoMo? You do and you’ll clean it up!
NaBloPoMo? You do and you’ll clean it up!

NaBloPoMo? You do and you’ll clean it up!

NaBloPoMo 2011

Oh, it’s that time of year again. When I go off the deep end just one more time and commit to writing a blog post every day in November. I’ve done it for a few years now and love it. And just like previous years, I wonder just what the hell I’ve gotten myself into. In previous years I was crazed, stressed, busy. Now I am all that and working essentially full time. I need an intervention, I swear. But like anything, you get better at things the longer and more often you do them, so a full month of daily writing is a delicious medicine for me to swallow.

This month you’ll read all about gifted kids and twice-exceptionalities. You’ll watch from afar as I freak the freak out about the impending holidays. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll discover how to pair wine with different levels of stress. And there’s certain to be a whole bunch of To Be Discovered excitement! Good times, good times.

And because I’m all about preparation, I have a post ready to go for the ‘morrow, don’t I? Snort. I am quite tired now, it is quite late, and I am shivering quite violently (thank you winter, kiss my…). The siren call of my electric blanket is much too distracting, and so post numero uno gets written tomorrow. And hopefully posts numeros dos through about cinco.

Hold on tight, here we go!


  1. OK, I was totally on the fence about joining the madness, but you’ve convinced me to take a leap and go for it.

    If I end up in a straight jacket somewhere because I can’t handle the pressure, its all your fault.

    But hey, no pressure or anything.

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