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Never tell me the odds
Never tell me the odds

Never tell me the odds

So I bought a PowerBall ticket this afternoon, as I’m sure many of you did. Yes, I probably have a better chance of giving birth to a herd of hippos; I bought one anyway. When the pot hits $550 million, you pony up a few bucks. You just do.

While I would gladly accept the responsibility of the full payout, I’d be over the moon thrilled with even a tiny percentage of it. See, while I bitch and moan about things, there’s not a whole lot about my life I would want to change. Quit laughing. I don’t need a new car; I plan to drive the MomVan into the ground. I don’t want a new house (QUIT LAUGHING!); the mere thought of moving makes me lightheaded, even if someone else does it for me. I would renovate the crap out of this one; we like the neighborhood, we like our neighbors, the house just needs…help. I don’t want a new husband; I just finally got this one broken in like a good pair of jeans (love you, sweetie!).

What would I want? After the “pay off all debt, cover college costs and trusts for the boys, and set up investments so we could live off interest,” I’m not asking for much. I want to repair my piccolo. It desperately needs a complete overhaul and playing it is getting more difficult. Why not replace it? I like it, and it’s wasteful to buy new just because you can. I want more RAM for MacDreamy2…wait, I’ll take a new whizbang computer and pass this one to the boys. Everyone wins. I want a massage. I want a vacation; no, let’s make that I need a vacation. Anything else? I just can’t see radically changing our lives just because suddenly money showed up. Not who we are.

That said, I’d totally start a tuition-free school for 2e kids at a vineyard in Napa. Again, everyone wins.


  1. I hear ya, Sista! We bought ours a couple days ago. We decided the first thing we’d do is hop on a plane to Hawaii to think about what to do with our money. It’s amazing how much clearer you can think while lying on a beach with a drink in your hand. Especially the kind of drink that has a little umbrella in it!

    We decided that we’d both go back to school, make sure Stud finishes college (somewhere, anywhere!) and then put the rest away for a while.

    Truthfully, I think it would be too overwhelming to win a half a billion dollars. I’d be happier with the 5-number match which pays a simple million. After taxes, it would be enough to make us comfortable.

    More money = more problems.

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