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Not a puppy kicker, I swear!
Not a puppy kicker, I swear!

Not a puppy kicker, I swear!

My positive karma account was just depleted when J was accepted into full-day kindergarten, that’s all. I’m kinda hoping it refills here pretty soon, as I’m tired of being in the red with that account.

A is home sick today. Too sick for school, not sick enough to sleep all day. So we’ve been watching the Bill Nye videos we got at the library yesterday, and the Science of Disney Imagineering videos we picked up too. I’m wildly in love with this series, and if they weren’t $50 a pop, I’d buy all five. So far today he’s learned (and taken the DVD quiz to prove he’s retained) about magnetism and Newton’s Three Laws of Physics. Uh-huh, more learning here today coughing on the couch than he would have gotten over the fence.

But still, home sick. Which meant I had to cancel two appointments today, and slowed down long enough to realize I don’t feel so hot. Not exactly sick, just really tired/sleepy/wiped out. This must stop. Now. Today. I have a free weekend with my husband at a five star resort this weekend, my parents flying in to watch the boys, and I’ll be damned if I miss it because my little petri dishes shared their goo with me.

So I’m going to spend my sick/not sick day on the couch with A while he watches videos and plays on my iPhone (yes, I’m that awesome). Have laptop, will work from couch. I’ll be able to read and comment on all the blogs I haven’t had a chance to read. Current reader count: 351. Sigh. It hasn’t been under 200 since before Thanksgiving. Funny thing….people might come here and comment if I go to their site and comment. You’d think I’d remember that. I can finally get to work on my resume, provided I can pull myself away from job hunting sites to actually work on it. That particular horse is looking around and thinking, “Duuuude, I might be low on opposable thumbs and have a brain the size of a pear, but even I know that cart should be behind me.” So, yeah. Update the 10 year old resume first, search second. I might even be able to iron out a few areas of my life. (Imagine a pair of white linen pants that you forgot in the dryer. They now resemble a relief map of the western United States. That is the current state of most everything I’ve touched lately).

I will gather strength for the parent/teacher conferences this afternoon. One will have a teacher telling us everything is faboo, the other will have a teacher telling us everything is not entirely faboo, and we really should meet to discuss the future. Yes, I know, I’ve been saying that for awhile now. Welcome to the party.

But before I begin my sprint towards the rest of the day (and really, when did life become a marathon at a sprint’s pace?), I need a nap. I’m going away this weekend unless there’s projectile vomit involved, but I’d really prefer to enjoy it.


  1. JenC

    LOL at the title of this post! Go soak in a hot bath before bed… it’ll help you relax enough to sleep, but also help your body fake a fever and
    burn off any cooties it’s harboring. Feel better!

  2. I’m having a not-sick day with The Teenager right now. We are surfing the net, watching trashy daytime television and recharging our batteries for another whirl-wind week. Sometimes, you just have to relax 🙂

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