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Not feeling all Mavericky
Not feeling all Mavericky

Not feeling all Mavericky

I was with my best girlfriends this past weekend, on our twice-yearly scrapbooking retreat. And we watched the VP debate.

Here is something I learned…little of it to do with politics.

Do not play a drinking game during the VP debate with the words change, reform, darn, or (yes, I DID see the SNL skit a few nights later and about wet my pants laughing) Maverick.

Do not play a drinking game during the VP debate after eating a taco salad (minus the flour tortilla shell) from Taco Bell. That is not enough food in the stomach for the amount of alcohol that will hit playing a drinking game during the VP debate.

Do not try to slam Doritos in an attempt to fill the stomach with something resembling food…because then the person who you believe has no place running for VP will say something so over the top stupid you’ll likely snort Doritos into your nasal cavity and that’s not fun. Oh, and Doritos won’t help the food vs. alcohol situation at all.

So tonight I’ll watch the second Presidential debate and will pass on the drinking game. I’m still recovering from the last one.

And if you haven’t seen this…you need to go see it…

Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart


  1. Well my friends….ha ha….good thing I didn’t have any alcohol last night! I heard he said it around 17 times or something. I think that we should pick out buzz words and every time palin or mccain say them, we donate a dollar to the obama campaign? How cool would that be?

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