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When we moved into our current house this summer, we opted to not get cable or satellite TV service. Tom and I aren’t heavy TV watchers and the boys don’t need to watch as much as they claim they need or they’ll die! They look pretty healthy. Ahem. For the most part we haven’t missed it. I surely haven’t missed annoying commercials or political ads. Instead we have ripping fast internet (but not nearly as ripping fast as I’d hoped), books, and the insane number of magazine subscriptions we got in exchange for airline miles that we were never going to use. And it’s been fine.


OH MY GOD sometimes I just want to crash on the couch and let my brain go to jelly as I watch HGTV or Food Network or something equally mindless. Just drooling on the couch with a remote in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Or watch the Broncos have their butts handed to them. Again. Or any other event/news item/show that must be watched live. Or just indulge in some pure unplanned escapism.

Yes. Ultimate First World Problem. I acknowledge this.

We have workarounds, of course. Hulu Plus, Netflix, the various channels on our Roku. Streaming through my laptop. Good workarounds. Cheap workarounds. And 99% of the time it works. It’s that 1% when your brain doth protesteth anything and everything that it just ain’t enough.

I just shut the brain up with popcorn and a streamed show and move on.

Like I will do right now.

Filler post for NaBloPoMo? Bet your ass; it’s Friday and I’m long past done.


  1. Suzan

    We recently added a codo to our arsenal of locations to sleep in to be nearer my kids school. This has given us a Spartan existence 5 days a week. No TV, no Internet, no landline. Thankfully there are beds! It is strangely peaceful and I’ve accomplished so much. Quilt top pieced, IEP in place, kids doing well in school, calm at home, and now I’m doing NaNoWriMo and looking for a job. I too think a “veg” moment would be a nice addition from time to time… There is a TV in the cheesy gym in the complex and I’m trying Yoga but that feels like too much work… Let us know if you find a good solution!

  2. We’re doing the exact same thing. There’s a TiVo, there’s Netflix streamed, there are DVDs, there is a laptop with a cable over to the TV… there are options but not easy. I just want it all in one place sometimes. And I miss my Food Network and HGTV too. But the price of cable had gotten outrageous.

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