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Oh Happy Monday
Oh Happy Monday

Oh Happy Monday

Only four days until Tom and I go on our vacation. If nothing else, we’re looking forward to air conditioning. When did I become such a weather wimp? I grew up in Chicago in a house that did not have air conditioning. No joke. I learned you can sweat from parts of your body that you didn’t know existed. Didja know that fingernails can sweat if it gets hot and humid enough? And that your front teeth can chip a silver flute lip plate if said flute slips off your lip with enough speed and force? Really, I have the headjoint to prove it. Moving to Colorado was delicious, no humidity. Ok, the lack of humidity is a problem sometimes (5% is guaranteed to make my hands split and bleed), but it’s beautiful in the shade when it’s hot out. The problem right now is that we have almost no shade near our house (the downside to a new home) and it’s in the 90s. It’s going to be in the 90s for the entire week. No rain (can you say, fires?). And we still can’t turn on our air. So hot and humid Orlando is looking pretty fine.

In other news, allergies have stolen any energy I might have had, as well as any interest in writing anything amusing. So I’m off to take more meds and slog through another hot day.

Quote of the day: Kleenex. Use a Kleenex! Get your finger out of your nose!

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