where wildly different is perfectly normal
Oh, I live on the edge…
Oh, I live on the edge…

Oh, I live on the edge…

Wheee….livin’ on the edge, I tell ya! Driving into Boulder with 2 bald front tires in four inches of snow! And more coming down! And idiot transplants from California who don’t know how to drive in this crap! I know how to live, don’t I? Lost the whole morning.

I have one hour left before I leave to get J from preschool.

Do I:

  • work my way through the to-do list?
  • clean the house so the health department doesn’t come a’knockin’ because we’re now apparently using dog hair as secondary insulation?
  • shop for Christmas gifts online?
  • join Twitter, so I can lose even more of my precious 24 hour daily allotment? (search for laughingatchaos)
  • shovel the driveway? (Bwahahahahahaha….this is why I had sons, my sillies!)
  • all of the above?

Decisions, decisions…perhaps tomorrow I’ll get more done. Or not.


  1. dog hair as a secondary insulation? you could package that…what a great repurposing product you have on your hands there! Very green…or…something.

    When you get a chance, read my newly created poem. I am entering a contest with it. It is not real exciting as I had many rules to follow and stay within guidelines but this is my first contest.


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