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On a glorious Saturday

You know what happens if you wait all day to write a post because you’ve been fighting a full-body blerg headache AND running errands with the family AND writing over at Colorado Bento AND parenting over-tired cranky-pants sweet little boys?

You get a NaBloPoMo filler post that you begin at 8 pm. With a story.

Gin and tonics are summer drinks. Period. We keep the gin in the freezer in the summer, limes in the crisper, and tonic water in the pantry from May to October…essentially planting to harvest. It’s also our backup “oh Sweet Baby Jesus you gotta be kidding me” beverage of choice when it comes to what the boys are doing at any particular time.

A working on Legos at the kitchen table, J watching a video in the family room ten feet away.

A: “J!! Turn it down, I can’t concentrate!!!!”

J: “What????”

Me: “J, turn it down. A, get your headphones, you won’t hear anything.” He gets them, puts them on, can’t hear anything.

A: whistle, whistle, whistle…

J: “A!!!!! Shut up, I can’t hear the video!!!”

No, doesn’t translate well to print, but at that point Tom and I curled up in the corner and whimpered. And then I made “wave the tonic over the glass” gin and tonics. In November.

(Hey, what did you want? I did say this was a filler post!)

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  1. My daughter and my husband argue over volume. Pour me one of those, too!

  2. I’m the only one who thinks the TV surround sound is too loud. I either leave the room or have a glass of wine (if the kids are in bed).

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