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On sports and things

There are very few sports I really care about. Well, one. I am a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. I can move anywhere, live anywhere, but I will only root for the Cubs, not the local baseball team. Other teams, I’ll cheer for the locals. Which is why I am sitting here watching the Denver Broncos smack the New England Patriots around. You have to cheer for the Broncos in this town or they egg your house. It’s just law. We actually ran the boys around today with no down time or naps so they’d go to bed early and we could watch the game in relative peace.
But my poor, lowly Cubbies. I’ve taught both boys the “Go Cubbies” dance, they both have little Cubs caps, they help me put up my Cubs flag on game days. We’re known as the “house with the Cubs flag” in our development. Right now, the Cubs are still in first place for 2006, so there’s reason to hope.
At any rate, I’m sitting here on a Saturday night watching the Broncos.

Update: Broncos won, so the hype shall continue and increase. Denver is an unbelievably football-centric town. Tom and I went to a pre-season game this summer and had a blast. It was the first professional football game we’d ever been to where we weren’t the halftime entertainment!

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  1. Karin Karin

    I’m a Dbacks fan first, but I like the Cubs as well. My happiest day was when my favorite baseball player (Mark Grace) became a Diamondback. But I sure hope the poor Cubs win a championship soon!

  2. Jen Jen

    I was glad the White Sox won this year, Chicago has been desperate for a World Series Win. But if my poor Cubbies don’t win pretty soon… Our little guy has such a great arm that he’s going to be the starting pitcher for the Cubs in 20 years and win the World Series for his mom. LOL

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