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One of these days…
One of these days…

One of these days…

my brain and my mouth will work together, instead of separately, and I’ll learn to say no to someone asking for my time. And then hell will freeze over, and my beloved Cubbies will win the World Series.
I’m teaching tomorrow morning at A’s school’s science festival. I have a music degree. Several music degrees, none of which I’m using, but they’re music, not science. How I got roped into this is beyond me, but I was, and tomorrow from 8-12 MDT, I will be teaching Music and Sound to K-3. Three times.
Have I planned for this little disaster yet? Well, I’m sitting here whining about it, so you know as well as I that the answer to that is a resounding NO. I am also on Day 14 of the Death Virus from Hell, so I just feel like a million bucks. The “fire-breathing dragon” sore throat is really going to be a lot of fun tomorrow, trying to talk over a bunch of excited kiddos. Pray for me. ; )

BUT, I’m now doing a long overdue tag from momumo. 7 songs that run through my head. This is long overdue because I had a really hard time with this one. I always have music running through my head, to the point that I pretty much ignore it now. It was either ignore it or go freaking insane. And my music isn’t your run-of-the-mill music. I have classical up there, and old band music, and a stupid song my kid made up, and things like that. So I’ll do my best on this one. If you know these, please don’t hate me for getting the songs stuck in your head. ; )

1. This is the song that never ends…. Yes, from Shari and Lambchop. I sing this to drive Tom absolutely nucking futs. Usually on long car trips, or right before he falls asleep. I’m sweet that way.

2. It’s a Small World…. From the ride of the same name at Disney World. When Tom and I went to WDW last summer (without kids, may I remind you, and it was the best trip we’ve ever had!), I pulled him on this ride just so we could say we rode it. And we decided that the poor cast members who work there must have done something seriously wrong, like flash a guest, because you would lose your mind there with that music. The guy up in the control booth, that the boats go under, was singing and dancing and having a grand ole’ time. He was either off his meds or a day from a lobotomy.

3. The “Hot Dog” song from Mickey Mouse Playhouse. Sorry, if you don’t have young kids, you probably don’t know this little melody and trust me, you want to keep it that way. It’s now running through my head; it even knocked off It’s a Small World.

4. Anything from Laurie Berkner. Yes, I love her music, I sing along ’cause they are songs actually in my vocal range, but dang, they get stuck in there.

5. Ok. If you’re from Chicago, you know this one. 588-2300…Empire! Damn, that’s now replaced Hot Dog. Empire Carpets has had the same annoying as all hell jingle for 30 some-odd years. I’ve heard it for so many years it’s part of my DNA, I swear. I thought, moving to Denver, I’d be safe. Nope, they’ve expanded out here and now I get to hear the damned jingle more. Even worse, my kids sing it just to get under my skin.

Ok, I have to stop here, I can’t go on to 7 or my brain will explode. I just can’t do it, it’s just too painful. ; ) Karin, Andrea, and Sarah, you’re up. Have fun!

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