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Ooh, my first political rant!
Ooh, my first political rant!

Ooh, my first political rant!

If there’s a Bush in the White House, is it required that there be Quail jokes?

So, those who know me know that I tend to be fairly liberal. This can be quite interesting in uber-conservative Colorado. At least I live close enough to The People’s Republic of Boulder, so I go there to feel ultra-conservative! LOL The last election was raucous, with Colorado suddenly a battleground state, instead of solidly red. I think we’re more of a purple now, heading towards blue, as more Californians and Midwesterners move here.

I tend to yell at the tv news, usually over something I consider to be common sense and is being made into a political mess. The Terry Shiavo case was the biggest one lately. If that ever happens to me, I will come back from the dead and haunt any politician who takes my case and tries to make a name for himself/herself.

But I digress. The humor and chuckling and “oh good grief” moments in this house lately (oh, Tom and I see eye to eye on almost everything, thank GOD!) have been over Vice President Dick Cheney’s little hunting incident. From the moment we heard about it, we have had our jaws scraping the floor. Then laughing. Then laughing uproariously at the Daily Show last night. I have never heard of something so incredibly ridiculous. The sitting VP didn’t think he should, uh, tell the press that a member of his hunting party was shot, and by him at that? But, instead, have the ranch owner call the local press? What’s with that? I have young children and they know better than that! That’d be like A breaking a neighbor’s window and instead of telling me, going down the street and telling a kid waiting for the school bus. So I just don’t get it. But what do I know? Society sees me as a stay at home mom, completely out of it. I still yell at the tv. And eventually I’ll have a free lap and a clear mind and my political rants will make more sense.

And an update, many hours later (because typing with two kids on your lap is like washing cats)…apparently the shooting victim had a heart attack today. The bird shot lodged in his chest migrated (uh, yeah, that was an unintentional pun, sorry…still funny though) to his heart and he had a mild heart attack, then had to be catheterized. Yow. Is shooting birds really worth this? I saw little rubber band rifles at the home show the other day. Maybe a better option?

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