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Open mouth, insert stocking
Open mouth, insert stocking

Open mouth, insert stocking

I broke one of my most deeply held personal commandments.

What, that of never posting two days in a row? Because Jen, dude, we all thought you were internet dead and here you are slapping up another post while the previous one still has virtual wet ink.

No. What? Hush. Also, we gotta take our inner monologue off the webpage because frankly, it’s a little weird. And a cheap writing copout.

Anyhoodles, while I tend to be pretty laid back (quit laughing), I have a few very deeply held beliefs. I honor the Saggeth on Sundays (though since the Quarantine Life I appear to be honoring it daily, and I’m okay with that). Gin lives in the freezer, even at the expense of ice cream and meal planning. And Christmas music has a very specific start and end date and time.

You’d think I’d eventually learn that “never say never” is a guarantee I’ll have to eat those words. I’m sure somewhere on this blog there’s a post declaring in no uncertain terms that I’d never ever ever teach middle school band again, yet here we are. And I LOVE it.

I can’t remember when I wrote that Christmas music post, but it’s been a good handful of years. I lived by those rules for a very, very long time. Then came The Year of Our Misery 2020 (henceforth to be described as such) and that life and those rules were in The Before Times (also henceforth to be described as such). The last 11 months have been such a clusterfuck dumpster fire with so little joy, so much fear, that I just gave up. Last night I crawled into bed with a book and lit up the Apple Music Holiday Classics channel.

And it was…soothing. For a very brief bit my mood scooted away from the abyss that is trying to suck me in. Emotional spaghettification delayed denied through the power of sleigh bells and Frank Sinatra.

Gin will always live in the freezer, the Saggeth will eventually return to one day a week, but this year, The Year of Our Misery 2020, Christmas music started November 1st.

Whaddya think?

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