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Out of sorts
Out of sorts

Out of sorts

I’m not the world’s greatest housekeeper. I figure, if the health department isn’t at the door, threatening to take away the boys, I’m doing ok for this point in life. Basically, I’m a “place for everything and everthing in its place” kind of gal. I work hard to keep clutter to a minimum, to keep countertops clear, toys, if not off the floor, then at least out of major trafficways. So this basement refinish is killing me!!!!! It’s drywall week here at Chez NADM. Sawing, banging, dust freakin’ everywhere. Paper taped to the floor because they had to bring drywall in through the front door and it’s covered in dust and my floors are covered in dust and all the furniture in the living room is shoved over to one side to make a path and it’s still there and…

{Deep breath} It’s now several hours later and I feel a little better. If nothing else, I have most of the lights off so I don’t see all the crap. And, as a happy little bonus, I can enjoy the sunset that way. Only a few more weeks. Only a few more weeks. Only a few more weeks. If I keep saying it, I’ll stay sane. There is stuff all over the house, there is not one room that is not cluttered. The garage is probably dangerous, with everything stacked in there. The treadmill is in there too, so working out has the added benefit of an unintended sauna.

But the basement is coming together; we can really see the rooms now and how nice it’s going to look. Only a few more weeks…

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  1. Theresa

    Oh do I sympathize! That mess, from the dust to the stuff everywhere, drove me NUTS! And we’re still not done! With the crazy sports schedule, who has time to remodel a kitchen? Ugh.

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