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Packing roulette
Packing roulette

Packing roulette

T-minus 20 hours and counting.

Today I start packing in earnest. (And go to a school meeting regarding the new second grade teacher. And drop Rosie at a friend’s house. And shovel off my desk. And and and…)  Packing is not my favorite thing in the world to do. First there’s laundry. Then there’s figuring out what everyone is going to wear for 2 weeks. And let’s not forget checking the weather forecast non-stop so we don’t freeze/swelter. Then there’s the over packing. Also the car entertainment backpacks. And making sure I have everything together for Rosie. And the winter car kit. And gluten free food, ’cause there’s not much A and I can eat in rural Iowa.

It’s Packing Roulette! Step right up! Ladies and Gentlemen, spin the wheel, spin the wheel! Will Jen forget something benign, like socks or toothpaste? Or will she forget something that will frak up her vacation, like prescription medicines or a Christmas gift? Step right up!


So my living room becomes the staging area, where I stick everything that needs to come with us. Food and gifts and clothes and books and entertainment and GodhelpmeifIforgetmylaptop.


I put up a new header yesterday, in case you’re reading this in a reader. Yes, that’s the view from my back porch; I took that picture yesterday morning.


I’m hoping to continue my streak of daily posting while on this trip. I posted daily in November and haven’t stopped. Yes, the posts in December have been less than stellar, but I’m trying. My creativity drops as my stress jumps. That I have anything up at all is frankly a miracle. I think once I get us all out the door my stress will drop and I’ll be able to write more.


Time to pack. Deep breath…and let’s spin that wheel!


  1. The views have been spectacular lately! The white snow is so pink in the early morning. Love it.

    Have a fabulous time! It was good seeing you this week at the store. I leave next week for Montana to visit my new nephew.

  2. Beautiful picture. I had to click your blog open as I was reading it in my bloglines! 🙂 I don’t envy the packing frenzy. We just did it for our Thanksgiving trip…….and now we have our Christmas trip to IL in just under 2 weeks. Ugh. (But our trip is only 400 miles to IL!)

    Safe travels!

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