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Parents of gifted children speak out!
Parents of gifted children speak out!

Parents of gifted children speak out!

I have long felt that parents of gifted kids, especially of twice-exceptional kids, need more support than they are getting. Unless they live that particular life, few parents know how tough it can be. “You have little to worry about, your kid is gifted.”


And don’t get me started about the challenges of a 2e kid. A riddle wrapped up in an enigma drowned in a delicious WTF? sauce and Oh Please Save Me ala mode.

There’s a woman in Australia doing “an exploration of the everyday experience of raising a gifted child.” As part of her PhD project, Natalie Rimlinger is surveying parents of gifted and twice-exceptional kids. I strongly suggest parents of these incredible kids spend the 20 minutes or so and take the survey. It’s not often that we’re questioned about our experiences in raising gifted/2e kids. Usually it’s about the kids and their educational/social/emotional well-being. It’s about time the challenges of raising such kids are recognized.

Go fill out the questionnaire. Take the 20 minutes or so and maybe someday there will be more support for parents of gifted/2e kids.


  1. Nat

    Many thanks for the mention Jen! It is unusual for someone to ask the parents about themselves. I think it makes some people uncomfortable – as in it’s not what they’re used to, but it’s an all but ignored area in the field. Like you, I hope that this study helps to raise awareness that parents of gifted/2E kids have a pretty diverse bunch of needs and definately need more support in various ways.

    Thanks again!


    1. Jen

      I am just SO GLAD you are doing this study. You have no idea. Makes me feel like I’m not screaming into the wind for a change. ; ) Whenever I’m asked what the next focus (or whatever word…it’s late and my brain hurts) should be for GT/2e, my reply is always “parents.” They…we…need help so we can advocate for our kids, for talent development as a whole. But they’re…we’re…exhausted beyond reason.
      If there’s any way I can help, please don’t hesitate to ask. I can shout mighty loud if I need to. ; )

  2. Julie in KC

    Oh how I am so glad you had a new blog post today. I really needed it after getting a call this a.m. from my son’s school saying he had left the building and they had to chase after him to catch him because he “didn’t want to go to school today.” After two great weeks in the new school year and relaxing a bit, I’m now back in nervous mode wondering what the next call will be regarding my gifted (and possibly more although the psychologists all say he’s just gifted and intense with some anxiety mixed in). Sometimes it all just makes me want to cry. 🙁 Your blog helps keep me going on days like today. Thanks.

  3. There isn’t enough support out there. I’m the mom of two children, one tested and identified gifted at the age of 3 and another who was diagnosed with Autism. Honestly, one isn’t any easier than the other but the one with Autism is the only one I can talk about and find support for. No one wants to hear about a gifted preschooler!

    I wish my kids were old enough to qualify for the survey.

    1. Jen

      I had a parent say that to me before; that she saw and recognized that raising a GT/2e kid was every bit as challenging as raising a ASD kid, but one got more support than the other. This particular parent was raising an ASD kid, so knew what she was talking about. I hang on to that thought during rough times. Makes me feel less crazy when I think I can’t do this.

  4. Jen – shout all you can! Just you believing in the study – and thereby validating my idea that they (we!) are important means more than I can say.

    Allie – I agree with you about the two extremes being similar, yet different. But you’ve hit the nail on the head about which one you can talk about. I don’t think people get how isolating the experience can be.

    Hey ya Missy!!! Once I can start talking about my results I’ll be blogging on my own space so much ya’ll will want me shut up!

    Julie – hang in there. We will all get there in the end…mostly cause there’s no getting off this ride.

    We are such a diverse bunch of passionate intelligent women. If we ever get our act together we could be a force to be reckoned with. But we need to find our common voice and not break away into select little groups. That’s my thought anyways.

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