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PlanB…from outer space

Damn. Launch scrubbed. We were already there, so we just stayed. Took the bus tour, hit the gift shops, stayed up all night. With the boys. It’s now 5am and we’re just now heading back to the hotel. We’re disappointed that we didn’t get to see the launch, but in a twisted sort of way, kinda glad we get more time in the parks. It’ll always still be “our launch.”
Wowm I really need some sleep.

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  1. They scrubbed it? What a bummer. At least you had more touring time this way and still enjoyed the time. And you’re a much braver woman than I keeping your kids up all night!

  2. cms8741 cms8741

    Bummer! Hope you are getting some rest…and staying cool. Your vacation sounds fun. Thinking of you!

  3. Hey…I just posted for you. And now I see that you didn’t get to see the launch after all. Bummer. 🙁

  4. Oh Pooh! Sounds like you are making the best of it.

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