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Poor Buddy
Poor Buddy

Poor Buddy

J’s primary lovie, Buddy, had a minor surgical procedure this weekend. Poor little guy had no idea Tom and I were going to have so much fun with it.

Here’s the patient before the procedure. Sorry Buddy, no anesthesia for you. He looks so happy, so unconcerned, no?

Here’s what Dr. Me had to repair. Someone had ripped Buddy a New One. Poor guy, I bet that hurt. Well, let’s see what I can do, hm?

Oh no, Buddy! Looks like you’re about to become Ms. Buddie! I don’t think you were in the market for a sex change operation, just a little nip and tuck, right? My bad, lemme fix it.

Wow. Looking a little well hung there, huh Buddy? I’m sure girl stuffed animals would love this, but I’m not so sure J is old enough to explain why his lovie is hung like a racehorse. Something a little more gender-neutral perhaps?

A lavender codpiece? Gives you that “devil may care” look. No? Sigh…you’re so picky.

Fine then, we’ll just have a bris.


Everyone gets a bandaid.


At least it was March Madness!


This tasteless little montage brought to you by stress, hysterical laughter, and the convenience of Jen’s iPhone.


  1. ella

    Priceless! Thanks for the laughs. I had tears streaming down my face. He looks a bit shell-shocked by the last photo or maybe you forgot to add the photo where you gave in and hooked him up with some morphine ;-). I have no doubt you’ll survive this latest bout of sadness and stress as long as you can find the humor in the little things and, boy, does this prove you can!

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