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privacySee no evil.

Hear no evil.

Speak no evil.

I recognize and respect that anything and everything posted on the interwebz is there forever and ever amen and oh my GOD be careful because the Bogey Man is watching and what about potential employers and and your sons’ teachers and your in-laws and and and…I take on that responsibility with great care. I take care to protect my sons’ anonymity while providing support to other parents raising complex kids. When we decide to confide in others, we learn we are not alone. Raising twice-exceptional and gifted children can be very isolating and frightening. Often only those in similar boats can understand what it’s like to bail out with a cracked styrofoam cup while the rain pours down.

So please raise your left hand and place your right hand on your keyboard. Repeat after me.

I, <state your name>, hereby swear upon penalty of bad karma throughout this life and all others, to protect the anonymity of Jen and her family if known in real life. I swear I will not gossip about her family and children, even though she has voluntarily posted everything on the interwebz and should know that it would get out. I swear I will talk to Jen directly if I have an issue with her postings, and not gossip to her family, friends, and colleagues. I swear that I recognize that Jen is here to share the absurdities and insecurities of raising gifted children and that she will bend over backwards to help. I swear that I do also recognize that Jen has one hell of a Mama Bear instinct and if she feels she or her family are a source of gossip she will rip off faces and ask questions later. I swear this on a box of red wine may I be afflicted with a terminal case of butt crack itch if I forget forever and ever amen.

So does that cover it? Play nice.

Many thanks to Puppy, Blue, and Buddy for posing this morning. The boys just didn’t want to sit for a photo shoot. Their loss.

Whaddya think?

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