Jul 03 2009

Quickie Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

Just a quickie today.

  • Sarah Palin is leaving politics for good. I know this is the 4th of July holiday, I didn’t realize it was Christmas too.
  • In forty minutes I will have a houseful of guests for Fireworksapalooza!!!!
  • It is supposed to rain.
  • My house is not really large enough for a houseful of wet guests.
  • I got last week’s Favorite Friday Fragmenter award!


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  1. Dawn on MDI

    Hmph. I saw “Quickie Friday…” something and got all excited. Phooey.

    Hope the rain stays away long enough for everyone to have a good time. Even without a quickie.

  2. Mrs4444

    Um…hate to break it to you, but she didn’t say, “For good.” She might be back. I’m intrigued about your strong feelings about her (since I live in Wisconsin and don’t “know” her from Adam.) My sister lives in Alaska and loves her. It’s just interesting to me.

    Hope the party stayed dry for you! 🙂

  3. Tendrils

    Absolutely LOVE the Palin comment about Christmas! 🙂

  4. Amy

    Hope the rain held off for you. I was also facing the terrifying prospect of a household of wet guests for the 4th. Luckily the margarits helped. What flavor were yours?

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