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Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

I first learned about the rabbit rabbit rabbit superstition at summer camp as a young teen. If it’s the first thing you say on the first day of a new month you’ll have good luck all month long. I’ve not remembered this a single month in the 35 years since first hearing about it. So if you’re reading this having not seen or thought or said anything yet on this first day of May, enjoy your 31 days of good fortune.

Six and one-half weeks until the end of the school year. Forty-five calendar days. Thirty actual school days. Two hundred and ten hours. The end cannot come soon enough. Please don’t misunderstand me. I adore my students, they are truly the best part of my job. It’s the hybrid teaching and uncertainty and unending stress of the last 16 months. I am utterly quanked and so is everyone I know. Teachers, students, parents, random stranger on the street. The New York Times had an article recently on languishing. Yup, there be some societal languishing going on, and it ain’t cool. We’ll all get past it…eventually…but in the meantime it’s rough. I’m hopeful that a little summertime relaxation will work some miracles.

In the meantime it’s one foot in front of another and find the small joys. I’m still doing my three things, going on almost 9 years now. Not gonna lie, it’s hard and some days I’d rather floss with spider webs but I still sit my ass down to find three good things about the day. If nothing else it makes me realize just how little it takes to entertain me. For example, and this will probably be on today’s list, this morning I changed my Apple Watch face to random Memoji. When I lifted my wrist and saw the poop emoji winking and grinning at me I about wet myself laughing. See? Little things. I’ll take it.

We gotta find our little joys wherever we can, especially these days. Things are hella better than they were a year ago, but still. I’ll just pop out a pre-emptive rabbit rabbit rabbit for June right now.

Whaddya think?

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