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Random Thursday Thoughts
Random Thursday Thoughts

Random Thursday Thoughts

You know how sometimes you walk around and your mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives?

I call that Thursday.

  • Whatever I did to jank up my wrist, I’m sorry and I’ll never do it again. I’m pretty sure it’s a repetitive stress injury, but dang! Doesn’t help that I bought a new wrist brace on Saturday and proceeded to tighten it too tight, fall asleep, and awaken with a highly irritated nerve in my thumb. Been several days and the feeling still hasn’t come back completely. Oh? Go see a doctor? Not feeling the “pay lots of money and have him tell me to do exactly what I’ve already been doing” love today.
  • Some “reasons” why our house hasn’t sold, according to the lookers: don’t wanna be that close to a school, the floorplan just won’t work for us, our two large dogs would love to bark at the schoolkids all day, afraid the dingo will eat our baby. Well, maybe not that last one, but at this point nothing would surprise me.
  • Right now I need a massage and a pedicure more than damned near anything. One for my stress, one for my sole…get it? Soul/sole? Heh.
  • Salary.com today listed their yearly “what moms are worth” article. Golly, I’d love to see thatย $115,431/year. I’d love to see 1/10th of that. And that doesn’t even take into account what moms of any kind of special-needs kids do: occupational therapy exercises, vision therapy exercises, extended homework help, and counseling/educating of other parents and teachers.
  • My Goodreads to-read list has hit critical mass. Unless I give up sleeping, discover time travel, or grow a second head with an additional pair of eyes, that list will continue to mock me. My goal is to read 37 books this year…I’ve just finished number five. This will not end well.
  • It is probably a sign that I need a break when I start to consider a shock collar and invisible fence not only for the dog but for the boys as well.
  • Alfie Kohn is my hero, for no other reason than he believes homework is a waste of time.
  • While gifts would be nice and have certainly been earned these last few months, the only thing I want for Mother’s Day is to sell my house and get the family under one roof again in Illinois.
  • I’m convinced I’m stuck in a space-time warp. Thankfully, today science confirmed that. What science didn’t have the courtesy to explain, however, is why my days are zipping by and the weeks are crawling. My brother and his beautiful wife are living the opposite with their newborn son. How, science, HOW?
  • Finally, a word from my husband, who is at the end of his rope. He’s living with my parents (which is awesome, they all adore each other), going through the crazy season at work, and is 900 miles away from his boom-chaka-laka wife. His take on this whole thing?

Here’s a blog post for you…

You know in the movie Parenthood, where the grandma talks about liking the rollercoaster, but some people just liked the merry go round?


I’m ready to get off the E ticket ride for awhile. ๐Ÿ™‚

And that, my friends, is what a Thursday is like here at the House of Chaos.


  1. Trish

    Damn, at this point I feel like *I* should move to CO and buy your house! Things will hopefully pick up now that we’re reaching the end of the school year and people are getting more serious about needing/wanting to move.

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