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Saturday night wrap-up
Saturday night wrap-up

Saturday night wrap-up

What? It’s been a week since I last posted? Really? Hmmm…wonder why that might be? Could it have been because I didn’t have a functional computer? Could it have been because I got the new Mac on Thursday and have been learning it since? Could it be that life moves at the speed of OH MY FREAKING GOD and I’m not able to catch up? If you answered all of the above, you win!!!


I need a name for the new computer. My friends have sent in some good suggestions, but I want a few more. I’m about to just name it Dude, but since I call my boys Dudes, don’t know if that will work. Help me name my new sexy toy!


A real, live post is up over at Hopeful Parents today. Something well thought-out, with a beginning, middle, and end. Not the random snippets that are here tonight.


If the earthquakes that have been hitting suddenly break apart the earth a la Pangaea, know that I’ve loved our time together. I’m saddened by the destruction in Chile, but oh-so-glad that the tsunami seems to have taken it easy on Hawaii. I didn’t realize until this afternoon how badly I want to go back there, and wanted it to be in one piece (or rather, seven islands) when I return.


February? Go away already. I can’t begin to express my joy that tomorrow is the last day of the month. It has been 27 days of bad news, and it needs to end already.


Anyone seen my mojo? Is it off partying with yours? I’d really like it to return. I’m hoping that Monday will mark the end of its extended vacation and I can return to feeling…oh, I don’t know…human again.


And if there’s anything more exciting than doing laundry on a Saturday night, don’t tell me. Not sure I could handle the excitement.


  1. Why don’t you name your computer Fred, which stands for: Freakin’ Rocking Electronic Device. I still like Big. Or Attack! (Mac Attack!) Or how about BMA for Big Mac Attack. Anyway.

    Anyway, I was mostly stopping by to wish you…happy LAST day of February!!!!

  2. Egad, girl – GET the mojo back! I’m tired of one post a week from you. I wait, I look, I wait, I look, I sniffle.

    Computer names – McDreamy, Edward (as in Cullen), Superman, The Situation, Mac Attack, Mac – My delectable emotional snack . . .

    Ok, done. I’m embarassing myself.

  3. I think the new computer should be Botox.
    I’m a MacBook Pro girl all the way!! But much like Botox…Mac computers seem to conjure up a lot of emotions in people. Love it or hate it!
    Here are some quotes about Botox…I’m seeing a similarity…

    “The possibility of using botox as a therapeutic agent…”

    “It can be used as an effective and powerful medication”

    “If you’ve had a Botox injection, you’ve probably noticed your face restored to a youthful appearance.”

    “It can result in inappropriate facial expression such as drooping eyelid, double vision, uneven smile, or loss of the ability to close eyes. This will wear off in around six weeks.”

    These quotes can also apply to my nightly cocktail…so maybe you should name your computer cocktail.

    But my first vote is Botox.

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