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Self-care and YOU
Self-care and YOU

Self-care and YOU

Long walks. Hyperventilating into a paper bag. Meditation. Locking yourself in the bathroom with the vent fan on high so no one can hear you scream yourself hoarse into a towel. Journaling. Hooking up a barrel of wine to the faucet so you not only have hot and cold running water, but your favorite red on tap.

What do you do for self-care?

I’ve done most of the above, and was thwarted in my wine tap goals only by the lack of space under my kitchen sink. I grok self-care, because I’ve had to. Not just because I’ve presented on it a couple times, or because I’m working on a book on the topic, but because my health (physical, mental, and emotional) has demanded it. Loudly. Loudly with klaxon horns and flashing lights and the universe smacking me upside the head with various diagnoses. I am far from being an expert, but boy howdy, I know the importance of self-care and I know how to suss out what’s needed.

So, with a friend and colleague, it’s time to share.

This Friday Kate Arms, of Signal Fire Coaching, and I are co-facilitating an eight-week course on self-care. Be The Eye of the Hurricane: Self-Care for Parents of Complicated Kids is for parents…like us. Kate and I both have twice-exceptional kids, we’ve both been through the wringer and back with them, and we’ve noticed that general topic self-care resources miss the mark. Like mainstream parenting books and websites, our particular concerns and needs aren’t in there. So we created what we would have wanted and needed. This is a course for you, not a parenting course. Our goal is to help you help yourself, because every family is different and the only expert is the parent.

If this sounds like something you could use, take the chance on yourself and register. It’s entirely online, so you can even participate in your pajamas. I may or may not be doing that myself…at least, pj bottoms. The top half of me has to look somewhat presentable for the video link. Can’t be scaring animals and small children. I promised I wouldn’t do that anymore.

This class isn’t my book, and my book won’t be this class. Same topic, same ideas, but one is not the other.

Kate and I have had a great time planning this course out and hope you can come join us. Eight weeks of figuring out your self-care. Looking forward to seeing you.


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