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Signed, sealed, delivered. Mostly.
Signed, sealed, delivered. Mostly.

Signed, sealed, delivered. Mostly.

It’s true, it’s something I’ve known for a long time, and I think I may finally have proof.

Murphy lets his little Law poop on my lawn and doesn’t clean it up.

I’ve recognized for some time that Murphy’s Law runs rampant here at the House of Chaos, but he had been gone for awhile. I naively thought Murphy and his Law had finally left the house, never to return. Nope.

Tom moved home on Saturday. We had a signed contract for the house Monday night. Three months I struggled as a mostly-single-mom; he’s home 72 hours and BAM! the house is sold.

Wait, did I bury the lead?


I shall say nothing further than that, as Dr. Google is healthy and well, and my full name is connected to this blog in a few places on the interwebz and I really don’t care to jank this all up.

So we have quite a few things to accomplish before the scheduled closing date of 22 July. It all hit me yesterday, and when I made an offhand comment about that on Facebook, was gently chided for not being more excited that the house finally sold. Um, I’m over the moon that the house is under contract, but let’s take a brief look at all that needs to be done before we haul ass east at the end of July.

  • Inspection, appraisal, and massive amounts of paperwork related to the CO house.
  • Tom has two business trips in the next five weeks.
  • Somehow we need to get the two of us to Chicago to find and make an offer on a house, as the one we truly wanted is no longer available.
  • Somehow I need to find someone to watch the boys here for a few days so we can go to Chicago, because we just can’t afford four plane tickets right now.
  • Inspection, appraisal, and massive amounts of paperwork related to an IL house.
  • Must pack up the house in an order that gets things out of here, but doesn’t have us cooking with sticks over the gas fireplace for three weeks.
  • The boys aren’t in any summer activities, camps, entertainments whatsoever. Their friends are. Thus they are each others’ entertainment, and scuffles ensue. I’d also like to apologize to future teachers, as they are watching a great deal of TV. In my defense, it’s Beakman’s World, Mythbusters, and Rocky and Bullwinkle.
  • I’m doing freelance writing that is getting further and further behind.
  • I’ve applied for a job in Chicago that I reallyreally would like to have, and the aforementioned writing would help me land that position…which would start in about 10 days.
  • A 15th wedding anniversary.
  • A seventh birthday and sweetbabyjesuswithfrosting I have to plan a party.
  • A going away party/3rd of July fireworksapalooza.
  • The boys need back-to-school doctor appointments before we leave. (Dude. The doctor’s office just called to set up those appointments. Wow. Two minds, single thought.)
  • Gathering necessary paperwork and hoops to register the boys for school out there. And proof that a certain fifth grader should be in the gifted program, despite what appears to be a delightful underachiever.
  • Don’t.Lose.Anything.

There’s more, but I’m starting to hyperventilate. Doesn’t help that pollen is now flying about with abandon and A and I are snot-filled buckets of misery.

So there ya have it. We are finally, finally moving forward. I will attempt to be more optimistic and positive and happy about the whole experience, as that will make everything a lot easier.

Sweet Home Chicago. Here we come.


  1. Woo-freakin’-hoo!!! I’m SO damn excited!!!! Naturally, the timing of everything is a little off for me, since I was hoping you’d be here while I was on summer vacation, but I go back (IF I go back) Aug. 3, and you aren’t coming til July 22. 🙁 Poop. Obviously, it would be better for YOU to get together after you’ve settled in a bit, but naturally, I’m only thinking about what’s convenient for ME. 😛

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