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As I was sitting here, weighing how cold I am and how toasty warm my bed is vs the several things I really need to do before I actually get into my toasty warm bed, I realized something important. Other than how poor the grammar in the previous sentence was, I mean. Today is an anniversary of sorts.

Six years ago today, not knowing a damned thing about anything, I jumped into blogging and haven’t looked back. No, seriously, I haven’t looked back; I very rarely read old posts. I’d say a solid percentage of them suck rocks, so it’s best if I just move along.

As an aside, it’s really not that easy typing when your entire core is shivering. Yes, I keep the house at 68 degrees during the day and even lower at night. There is a reason I have sweaters and electric blankets. I also haven’t had a gas bill over a hundred bucks, either. And no, you don’t need to remind me that the temperatures are going to plummet this week, thankyouverymuch. I’ll just pull my bathrobe over my layers and move on. Do NOT say Snuggie, they are of the devil.

I digress. From an aside. Hm. I need a flowchart for my own writing. How again did I make it six years?

So in honor of my six years slapping keys and hoping something good appears on the screen, six things being shivered loose from my mind.

  1. My throat hurts. This is what happens when you’re listening to the Broncos game over the internet and Dave Logan goes apeshit crazy during the OMG 80 yard touchdown pass in overtime! SANTO TEBOW! Ahem. Good game.
  2. It is delightful to be so close to my family. My parents stopped by this afternoon with my sweet baby nephew, just for a quick visit. After ten years of parenting the boys with little familial backup, I’m not sure Tom nor I will ever get used to how wonderful this is.
  3. I hate to jinx it but 2012 is shaping up to be much better than previous years. That is all. I shall now light a candle, pray to every deity past/present/future, consult a shaman, and throw myself at the knee of Murphy’s Law to beg for mercy.
  4. Laughing at Chaos now has a Facebook page. It only took me the better part of Friday to figure out how to get the damned box there on the left. Go spread the Like.
  5. I finished two books this weekend. Real books. Ones I wanted to read, not had to read to figure out the answers of <insert crisis here>. I am still stunned by this. I am also saddened that I am stunned. I would start another, but I’m pretty certain every other book I have from the library right now is about homeschooling, and I need something a little more…not.
  6. I am convinced there is some sort of computer-based snag in the space/time continuum that ensures emails will pour into an inbox right after someone makes a Herculean effort to get caught up. Same with posts in an RSS feed. It is also closely related to cleaning the house and someone instantly discovering an old gazillion-piece Erector set. In related news, I owe you an email but I can’t get to the computer because of the Erector set pieces in my way.

I think this sixth year here will be the best yet. I’m working on a few things to make this site, and my writing, better. I never saw this path in my life, and now I can’t see ever leaving it.

Now get outta my way, I’m gonna shiver myself up to my warm bed.

Whaddya think?

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