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Some answers would be nice
Some answers would be nice

Some answers would be nice

But sometimes there just aren’t any.

I had originally planned to write here about A’s appointment yesterday at the Eosinophilic Esophagitis clinic down at Children’s, and how disappointed I was that nothing really came out of it. They’re kerflumoxed as to why he has the irritation, but we all suspect it’s likely reflux. As for the super-slow digestion, that may just be how he is. And so we play the wait and see game.

I had originally planned to write about what the next step might be, both with his digestive issues and the ADHD, and with the gifted testing I keep waffling on.

I had originally planned to write about how all of that is going to be difficult to follow up on because the IRS wants the left kidney I had planned to sell for the gifted testing and homeopathic workup.

But not today.

I’m writing about two families today. Two families who have never met, to my knowledge, but who are both struggling. The blogosphere is in mourning today for young Maddie Spohr, who passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Her mom, Heather, writes The Spohrs Are Multiplying (I’d link here, but her site is down today from all the traffic). The family has requested that in lieu of flowers and cards, that donations be made to the March of Dimes. Because sites are going down left and right today, I’m linking to A Mom Two Boys for the donation information.

No linkage to the other family out of respect for their privacy. If you know the family, please keep it to yourself. I’m heartbroken for a dear friend, who had to hospitalize her five old son for psychosis. Read that again. A five year old with psychosis. My heart has been so heavy for my friend and her family today. She has done everything possible for her son, everything. I cannot imagine her heartache and pain right now. And she still has another child at home to care for. So in honor of her family, and all families suffering with mental illness, please consider a donation to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. If you’re a fan of the TV show House you can even get a snazzy “Normal’s Overrated” t-shirt. Mental illness is still so taboo, but it’s just an illness, like diabetes, and I’m sure nearly all of know someone with some form of mental illness.

My heart is breaking for both of these families. One has lost a child forever, and the other has lost a child to his mind, hopefully temporarily. I know sometimes I really need a knock upside the head, and this did it. My children, with all their quirks and challenges and difficulties, are alive. And healthy. And coming home this afternoon.

I can’t ask for more than that today.


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