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I have a terminal case of the “somedays.” I blame it on finding so much in life fascinating and having a finite amount of (interrupted) time in the here and now.

Someday…I’ll get all my pictures sorted in Aperture and easily findable.

Someday…I’ll take more pictures because I’ll be able to easily find them.

Someday…I’ll learn how to use a really good camera because I’ll be taking more photos and find them easily.

Someday…I’ll ignore the rest of the world and write because it feels good.

Someday…I’ll read all those books and periodicals that are stacking up.

Someday…I’ll mark as “read” more books in Goodreads than “to-read.”

Someday…I’ll ignore the rest of the world and create scrapbooks for my family because it feels good.

Someday…I’ll learn to use all that computer software I have and delight in newfound knowledge.

Someday…I’ll redesign this site and maintain the upkeep.

Someday…I’ll order heritage seeds and grow them and revel in keeping a plant lineage alive.

Someday…I’ll actually finish writing my bucket list.

Someday…I will put exercise and self-care ahead of daily to-dos.

Someday…I will manage my stress instead of the other way around.

Someday…I will stop putting my interests at the bottom of my lists, to get to once everything else is done.





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