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Sometimes it’s great
Sometimes it’s great

Sometimes it’s great

Usually when people find out Tom works from home their first reaction is “Wow! That must be great!”

You’d think so.

Come to think of it, those women whose husbands have worked from home give me that sympathetic look because they’ve been there. And they know it’s not the greatest thing sometimes. Most of the time.

If absence makes the heart grow fonder, imagine the opposite. Imagine, if you have the intestinal fortitude, the college roommate who never leaves the dorm room. And you have a good impression of what it’s like around here most days. I know when he has a bad day; I can feel the vibes swirling down the stairs. At least he’s better about screaming at the computer when we’re out of the house now. I know when he has good day; I can hear him laughing. I’m his “water cooler.” He comes down to me to share info, to vent, to talk to a person other than via email or phone. Then when the work day is over, we have nothing left to share. We’ve seen each other all day.

Add kids (especially these two), and it’s an interesting household.

And then there’s a day like today.

To honor and remember George Carlin, who died yesterday at the age of 71, we are laughing ourselves sick trying to use all “Seven Words You Can’t Use On Television.” That’s his monologue that got him arrested, and the case went all the way to the US Supreme Court. My husband, who gives a great impression of being a kind, decent, nerdy nice person, can rattle off all 7 words without thinking. So we’re seven-wording our way through the day. We’ve hit four of the seven, and have added words/phrases that sound dirty but aren’t. Dinner plans had us rolling; come on, roasting meat!

It’s days like today that make his working at home fun. The other days, not so much.


  1. Jay was working from home all last week since he was laid up with his bum leg. After just a week my head was starting to spin around 360 degrees and I was beginning to foam at the mouth. I didn’t get much work done either, and we didn’t even have kids at home!

    PS I didn’t know George Carlin died. What a shame. As an avid hater of fresh tomatoes, his bit on them is an all-time favorite of mine.

  2. Poetikat

    I think I know what you mean about having a man around all the time. And btw, we can do that 7 words no prob. Poor old (well, not soo old really, George. He used to be hilarious, but in his later years, he kind kind of disgusting. R.I.P.)

    (Hiiii Jen!!! Long time, no see!)

    My husband was on vacation last week and (God, love him) he was so much fun to have around – watching Euro soccer, and just hangin’ out. Only trouble is, he didn’t want me to go on my computer. So, I had to sneak time on the ol’ laptop.
    By the end of the week, he gave up and I was on it the whole time the soccer was on. Yipee!

    He got a big gift for himself on the weekend – a 37 inch HD tv. I gave him the go-ahead and he, went ahead. It IS gorgeous and Survivor is going to be Awesome!

    It’s my birthday tomorrow – so, I wonder what he’s going to get Me?


  3. No WAY!! I didn’t know George Carlin died. I need to check out your link. Too bad. I liked the guy. BTW, Jonathan worked out of our home for about four years. And then we had kids. Who screamed. And then somehow an office seemed like a better option for him. I guess his customers weren’t into the baby screaming thing.

  4. eatplaylove

    My hubby took fri and today off, that seems like a lifetime already. work from home? holy gondoly!

    Geroge will never be replaced, he was truly one of a kind.

  5. I hate when I have the day off and DH stays home – I feel like he’s watching and judging what I’m doing, though he probably cares less. I’m not sure how you do it. I am tempted to try to work from home, but I do like the interaction I get at work. Decisions, decisions.

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