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Spring break day #1
Spring break day #1

Spring break day #1

While technically J was on spring break last week as well, this is the first day of both of them being home for a week.

It’s 10:30 in the morning and I am considering selling them in front of the supermarket.

Nothing particularly naughty, just lots of yelling and shouting through their walkie-talkies, lots of demanding to be fed again, lots of arguing over who is “in charge.” Apparently I’m not in charge here and they’re going all Lord of the Flies on me figuring out who is.

Stanley Steemer was here this morning, cleaning the couches and getting that funky “WTF?” smell out of J’s room. Always nice when I’m given a window of 9-12 and they show up at 8:30. At least I was dressed. Hair was still wet and I was wearing the only boobarific shirt I own (no sweater on yet…and seriously, this is the only shirt I have that enhances what nursing took away from me). If I’d asked the younger guy what color eyes I had, I’m sure he would have said plaid. But J’s room doesn’t reek anymore, and you can only smell the couch if you stick your nose waaayyyy into the seat and inhale deeply and if you’re doing that in my house you need serious help, much more than my wine bottle can give.

I’m getting a sore throat and I have cramps to rival labor, thanks for asking.

On the bright side, both boys are going over to their best friends’ house this afternoon. So my dear friend is going to have 4 young boys in her house for a couple of hours today. I know she’s looking forward to it as much as I am, because when these four get together they play great and leave the adult alone. And tomorrow I’m taking the oldest while her youngest is at school. Again, peace for both of us. What will I do while they are gone? What will I do with the first “child free” hours I’ve had in over a week?

Work. Peacefully. Finally.

Get ready for my scrapbook retreat this weekend. Four glorious days with my dearest friends, away from stinky little boys (oh, I love on them so much when I get home; absence really does make the heart grow fonder), with good food and great drinks, a hottub, and no alarm clock. Up in the mountains. Really…heaven on earth. I think I’m at about T-minus 72 hours or so before I get the hell outta Dodge.

I will do all sorts of things that I can’t do with my kids hanging on me…like think. Plan. Set goals. Work towards the goals. Rejuvenate. All things that moms can’t really do with kids hanging on her.

I should really enjoy every quiet, solitary minute of the next 2 months, for both boys are out of school by the end of May. And then I’m sure Lord of the Flies will begin in earnest.


  1. Your retreat sounds like a great time. Do you guys actually get any scrapbooking done. I promise, I’m not trying to be facetious, it just seems like you all could use the relaxation more than anything else. But, I guess scrapbooking is relaxing, as well. Anyhoo, I hope you have a great time, and come back refreshed and re-energized!

  2. Poetikat

    Oh, the old wine bottle rears its ugly head yet again!

    I’d take your kids for a day if I could get a few days at a spa with some (well, maybe not the scrapbookers – that’s not really me), but the spa and the hot tub in the moutains – you’re on.
    Just ship them in a crate and I’ll get them at the airport. Do they like cats? How about soccer? Peanut butter?


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