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Such First World problems
Such First World problems

Such First World problems

  • My husband has had an iPhone for the last couple of months and has yet to set up his voice mail. This isn’t usually a problem until I try to reach him.
  • Perfectly ripe organic Colorado peaches with organic heavy cream is one of life’s greatest joys. It makes my pleasure center jump up and run around like a squirrel on crack. Sadly this may be why I’m muffin-topping right on out of my jorts.
  • I’m researching website design and hosting for a non-profit. Are all websites this expensive to design and set up or am I living in a dream world? At least in my dream world I can eat all the peaches and cream I like and still wear skinny jeans.
  • Our electric bill hit a level I thought only possible if I was butchering beef on the side. And before anyone suggests various energy saving remedies, know I do them all. Just been hotter’n balls lately.
  • My sons are fighting over Skype. A was video calling his bff, J is begging to video my mom, and A keeps “calling” me. From the next room. Sigh…got them hooked up with it, and now they’re fighting over who gets to talk to Gram. Srsly?
  • If A doesn’t stop with the whole “seriously?” line I may string him up with dental floss. Seriously.
  • I decided to just “let it all go” today. Be the eye in the center of the storm. Feels good. However, the house is trashed, the laundry needs to be rebooted, rhubarb marmalade needs to be processed, and the to-do list is mocking me. Tomorrow may be ugly.
  • The Emmys and a Broncos pre-season game are on at the same time. Whatever shall we do?

Everyone should have such problems.



  1. Why would butchering beef use so much energy? (I’m a “meat comes neatly wrapped in plastic from the butcher kind of girl”.)

    Itai’s doing the seriously thing too, drives me mental, though not as much as his sister’s new one, courtesy of a commercial from the beginning of a certain wimpy kid dvd – she now ends any discussion she doesn’t like with “this conversation is OVER”. Charming. Not. We’re working on it.

    Two more days and they’re back in school. We MIGHT be over the jetlag by then. Maybe.

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