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Talk to me

Talk to me

I have few pet peeves. Actually, just one. Idiots who get on the expressway going less than the speed limit. Dude, you have to be going at least 5 mph over to merge with traffic safely, and don’t you even think of getting to the end of the on ramp and stop for God’s sake! That is how people DIE getting on the highway, and at the very least I’m a’gonna wanna jump out of my car and beat you senseless with a Driver’s Ed manual. Consider yourself warned.

But another pet peeve is growing, like a Chia Pet of Doom. (And now all of you have Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia! going through your head, yes? You’re welcome). It starts off small and grows and grows and grows until a new strand of grey hair is named in its honor.


Oh.My.God. In the last year or so the communications skills directed my way have been sorely lacking. As in, they don’t really exist. I don’t think I’m asking so much. Just, if you say you’re going to call, CALL. If you say you’re going to do ABC, by God do ABC! Without me hounding you! And if you say you are busy but you’ll get back to me by a certain date, don’t leave me wondering if you were attacked by a rabid platypus and left to die by the side of the road! Especially if I’m doing some work for you and need additional information to do my job well and make YOU look good. Oh, and I’m not talking about kids here, but fully grown and independent adults. Who apparently need nannies.

Now, I know life can get crazy. I live and breathe the crazy. I freaking wrote the BOOK on living the crazy, so I know. I have finally cleared out my several inboxes and reassured people that I am indeed not dying of a rabid platypus attack. But. If things are of a time-sensitive nature, or people are relying on me to have something done by a certain date, it usually gets done by that date. I try not to leave people hanging and wondering if they should be counting platypuses at the zoo.

Just talk to me. Keep me in the loop. I don’t need gossip or idle chit-chat (though I do like those), but just simple communication. What’s going on, what I need to do next, what you’re going to do next (AND DO IT!) and how it’ll affect me…that sort of thing.

Because if you don’t, I’ll have to beat you with an Intro to Basic Communication handbook. And that’s lots heavier than a Driver’s Ed manual.


  1. Missy

    Dude, seriously. Sometimes a one word email would communicate effectively and that’s even a sruggle for some.

    Oh, and guess what? I’m working on the new site – back up before the end of March, baby! I’ll let you know. 🙂 Sooooo happy.

  2. Thank God you’re coming back to Chicago then, huh? One of my favorite “You know you’re in Chicago if…” lines is something like, “you’re going 80 on the expressway, and people are passing you by.” LOVE IT!

    And, yeah, people who can’t reply suck!

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