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The Big 5-0-0
The Big 5-0-0

The Big 5-0-0

So I thought this was post #500, but miscounted (which is not surprising, as I am a musician by training and really only need to be able to count to twelve). Let’s pretend this is post #500, shall we?

What am I doing to celebrate post #500 today? I went and got my hair highlighted and cut. I am now considerably less frumpy than before. I was aiming for new heights of frump before 10:30 this morning. Gold medal at the frump olympics…with a perfect 10 from the Russian judges, and you all know how tough they are to impress. I am now no longer in the running for Frump of the Year…which is sorta disappointing. I hear the tiara is just lovely.

What else, what else. Well, I had intended for this post to come out earlier than today, but I lost Thursday. I lost Thursday to the Black Hole of Migraines…Now with Visual Auras! Yes, the Ms. Migraine, the bitch of all biatches, showed up on Thursday. At least I had about thirty seconds of warning when I suddenly (and I mean suddenly) had no vision to my left and down. None. Four ibuprofin did nothing. And I totally freaked out Tom when I was making lunch for the boys and walked plumb into the kitchen island because it was to my left and below the sight I had. Yes, I have a charming bruise, thanks for asking. The rest of the afternoon was spent with me on the couch praying for relief and sleeping. The evening brought a second Visual Aura of Doom, but I’d already taken more ibuprofin and was on my way to bed, so I didn’t care as much. Friday was the Day After…where you’re drained and still headachy, but now have to recover your life, head be damned. At least I didn’t send off unintentional emails this time.

Because I’ve been desperate to speed up the ibuprofin relief, I’ve been drinking coffee. Ah…hellloooo lovaahhhh!!! I’ve missed you! We’ll meet again at the next migraine, you sexy thing. Our illicit love affair does wonders for my soul. Just don’t bring your ho, dairy, to the party. She and I don’t get along.

There is nothing sexier than my husband cleaning the bathrooms. And nothing warms my heart like my sons dusting. All while I blog.

Here’s to another 500 posts…may they be wittier, more interesting, and filled with stuff worth reading. Cheers!


  1. I can’t understand migraines. I don’t get them. I have a nephew that does. It debilitates him. He is only 19.

    I also can’t understand coffee without dairy. I’m lost there. That is the best part. Made at twice the strength my parents are used to with 1/4 cup cream mixed in. YUMMMMY


  2. Woo-hoo! Five hundies. Hope you didn’t get the migraine thinking about what you would write! 😉

    And here’s to hoping you feel better. I used to get terrible ones. None that made me go partially blind, but awful suckers. Exedrin Migraine helped immensely. But you probably already know that.

  3. Woohooo!!! #500! Congratulations and here’s to another 500! 🙂

    Cheers on the coffee return too! 🙂 I’d be dead without mine running through my veins each morning!

    And when your hubby is through—-I have a bathroom over here that screams HELP when you walk by it! 😉

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