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The House of Chaos Week in Review
The House of Chaos Week in Review

The House of Chaos Week in Review

Before I begin, let me go on record that my husband just called me a “freak of nature” because I remembered our credit union’s routing and ridiculously long account numbers perfectly and without hesitation. On my third second glass of wine. I’m all kinds of awesomesauce.

Hello interwebz! I’m not dead! I’m not trapped under something heavy! And I’m still smiling! Kind of…

This week I’m starting something new and hopefully I’ll remember it in seven days. The ever-popular Week in Review! (and the crowd goes wild…) In all honesty, this week was just one big <this is a family show and I should really watch my mouth> and I am so glad it is over. Let’s Review, shall we?

  • The house has been on the market for seven days. Tomorrow is our first showing. For this I am thankful, for I was panicking more than a little bit. Not that I’m an intense personality or anything…
  • Mother Nature was on a Full Moon PMS bender of epic proportions. That bitch really needed a barrel of red wine and a vat of chocolate fondue.
  • I had boys home sick with the flu for most of the week. That would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that ibuprofen makes them feel better and not lethargic and sleeping.
  • My dog is officially depressed. She saw the vet, had blood drawn and a thermometer stuck up her bahookie, and all is well. Ergo, she is horribly anxious and depressed about the move.
  • My house is clean. Very clean. And organized. And tidy. And I really really like it. Sadly this means that 1/3 of our crap will need to stay in storage forever.
  • This week I canceled our DirecTv and our phone landline. We have cell phones attached to our hips day and night, and through the miracle that is Roku/Hulu/streaming Netflix, we don’t need no stinkin’ satellite TV.
  • If you have anything that resembles Whimsy in your town, you must gather your best girlfriends and go. Just go. I’m a terrible artist, but I went again and this time I made flowers. Oooohh…
  • PleaseohpleaseletourhousesellquicklyIwanttogethometoChicagosoon!
  • In retrospect, the week had nothing of note except sick children, a full moon, and writing my fingers to nubs (so grateful I can work from home).

Ok, enough. Movie night. Or a book. Or something.

Whaddya think?

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