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The kid is pure blog fodder
The kid is pure blog fodder

The kid is pure blog fodder

Overheard at bathtime…

A: Dad! I know what what my pen!$ is made out of! When it’s soft, it’s made of cartilage. And sometimes it gets hard like a bone and it’s made of bone.

Me out in the hallway: (gasping for air, in silent hysterics)

Tom: Um, that not entirely right. (looks to me for help, I wave him off, he’s on his own) Uh…it’s not made or cartilage or bone.

A: Yes it is! I’m a scientist, I know everything.

Me out in the hallway: (oh sweet Jesus, wheeze…)

Tom: Your pen!$ is made of a spongy tissue that fills with blood and fluids and gets hard sometimes.

A: Naw…And hey, what are these two ball things underneath it?

Me out in the hallway: (rocking, tears pouring down my face)

Tom (looking to me for help, again I wave him off): Those are your testicles.

A: Testicles! Ha ha!

J: Testitles! (giggle)

I’ll teach ’em to drive, but Tom is going to have to cover the anatomy and physiology lessons. Ya never want a woman laughing at you, least of all your mom.


  1. RC

    My Hubby is having issues with the fact that I taught Little Dude the correct terminology when he asked what “that” is.

    His response to me – “What if he says that at school?”

    My response to him – “I’m pretty certain all the teachers know what a pen!$ is.”

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