Apr 04 2009

The kid is pure blog fodder

Overheard at bathtime…

A: Dad! I know what what my pen!$ is made out of! When it’s soft, it’s made of cartilage. And sometimes it gets hard like a bone and it’s made of bone.

Me out in the hallway: (gasping for air, in silent hysterics)

Tom: Um, that not entirely right. (looks to me for help, I wave him off, he’s on his own) Uh…it’s not made or cartilage or bone.

A: Yes it is! I’m a scientist, I know everything.

Me out in the hallway: (oh sweet Jesus, wheeze…)

Tom: Your pen!$ is made of a spongy tissue that fills with blood and fluids and gets hard sometimes.

A: Naw…And hey, what are these two ball things underneath it?

Me out in the hallway: (rocking, tears pouring down my face)

Tom (looking to me for help, again I wave him off): Those are your testicles.

A: Testicles! Ha ha!

J: Testitles! (giggle)

I’ll teach ’em to drive, but Tom is going to have to cover the anatomy and physiology lessons. Ya never want a woman laughing at you, least of all your mom.


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  1. RC

    My Hubby is having issues with the fact that I taught Little Dude the correct terminology when he asked what “that” is.

    His response to me – “What if he says that at school?”

    My response to him – “I’m pretty certain all the teachers know what a pen!$ is.”

  2. Robin

    I’m supposed to be working and am just about choking to death trying not to burst out laughing.

    So not envying your husband right now. Bwahahahahaha!

  3. The Casual Perfectionist

    That’s awesome! (For you…not necessarily your husband.) LOL

  4. cms8741

    I love how scientific he is. All very logical reasoning, as far as I’m concerned!

  5. mrsvierkant

    **snort** **giggle** ROFLMBO. 😀

  6. Amy

    Hilarious! We haven’t had that question yet but my boys definitely have some interesting pen!$ discussions.

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