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The laziest of lazy Sundays
The laziest of lazy Sundays

The laziest of lazy Sundays

I’m not entirely sure how to say this. Bear with me.

I think I might be bored.

I know! I’m shocked speechless too! How is it possible to be overwhelmed to the point of hyperventilating and still bored to tears? Maybe it’s not boredom, maybe it’s just the unfamiliar sensation of being responsible for absolutely no one and nothing and no place to be and nothing urgent to do. A fine line between that and boredom, methinks.

No, I’m not at the House of Chaos, how did you guess? I’m 900 miles away, visiting my parents in Chicago and buying a house. And after the mass chaos of 1) taking a crack of crazy flight to get here 2) looking at houses 3) making an offer and negotiating back and forth 4) completing all paperwork and getting it back to my realtor 5) realizing I needed my checkbook and that it was a timezone away and remedying the situation 6) scheduling the inspection for Monday morning…I sat down and suddenly…


Unsettling feeling, that. Rather, I had nothing that needed doing. Sure, there are blog posts I could write, and those 15k photos on my hard drive aren’t going to sort themselves, and I have a book in the other room, but… Instead I’m having the laziest of lazy Sundays. I can’t remember the last time I was in this situation. Before children, certainly. Even on vacation there’s someplace to go and something to do. Our big venture today was out to the grocery store because we were out of tonic water. Forgot the limes. At least I come by that sort of thing honestly, it’s truly in my DNA.

It is a breathtaking day in Chicago; a friend on Facebook called it a Bottle Day. The kind of day you wish you could bottle up to crack open in mid-February. I’m switching off between the deck (in the sun and next to a rather loud El line) and lazing in front of the open deck door. My dad is cooking something involving large amounts of garlic. A gin and tonic is in my immediate future. Ah…bliss.

‘Tis the calm before the storm. I get home Wednesday morning and then it’s a violent flurry of activity until we finally find ourselves four weeks from now plopped into a new house surrounded by boxes holding everything we own. I kid not about the violent flurry: one birthday, one anniversary, two business trips, two house closings in two different states, one going away party/4th of July fireworksapalooza, and one Black Hills road trip enroute to the new abode. Hold me.

But today…today is calm bliss. The sweet silence of my sons 900 miles away. The warm aroma of garlic in olive oil, soon to be in me. And the crisp tang of a June gin and tonic on a perfect Chicago Bottle Day.

It’s a lazy Sunday that I truly needed, and won’t see again any time soon.


Whaddya think?

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