Nov 28 2010

The most dangerous site on the interwebz

I have found it. The Most Dangerous Site On The Interwebz. If you own a home, or have house lust, or know the programming schedule for HGTV, consider yourself warned. I cannot be held responsible for tears and/or drool ruining the expensive piece of equipment on which you are reading this. I cannot be held responsible for irrational behavior from the investigation of this website. And I cannot be held responsible for marital problems, sleepus interruptus, or the selling of your children after exposure to The Most Dangerous Site On The Interwebz.


If you knew of this site and did not share, I simultaneously love and hate you. If you did not previously know of this site, you will now simultaneously love and hate me. I am sorry to expose you to TMDSOTI, but I really felt that you needed to know. Share in my delicious misery. I have to ration my exposure to this site or the possibility of spontaneous combustion spikes sharply.

The perfectly designed kitchens, the shiny bathrooms, the detailed storage. Mood lighting. Yards that make me weep quietly and curse the rabbits that have killed our grass. Homes decorated not with Legos and traveling game pieces but items designed to enhance the home.

It’s p*rn for the homeowner set. How bad is it for me?

I love this site more than the IKEA catalog.

Yeah, that’s bad.

But, like any other enabler, I found I needed to share. Take this information and run with it.

Just don’t blame me for investigating The Most Dangerous Site On The Interwebz.


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  1. melissaz

    It’s p0rn for people like me. This is a bad, bad, thing…
    melissaz recently posted…Maybe later…My Profile

    1. Jen

      I know! I’ve been saving them to Evernote to drool over. I feel like I should pour wine and light candles when I read.

    2. Sun

      Yeah, I would keep it away from the missus. The last time she got hold of a home design magazine was really difficult for me as a husband.

      “Dear do you like this design? How about this?”
      Sun recently posted…Day 5- Motivational Mondays- Conflict resolution with the Indian Talking Stick!!My Profile

      1. Jen

        LOL! Sorry! 😉 It’s a great site, I’m filling up Evernote with webclips. I’ve given up showing my husband and just drool on my own.

  2. Denise

    I’ve never been there, but I’m about to go lose an hour or two tonight! I recently found a show Kitchen Impossible on Hulu that I watched hours of yesterday!

    House stuff, drool. I’m going to be owning a house tomorrow!
    Denise recently posted…How Much Is Enough Im A Retailers NightmareMy Profile

    1. Jen

      Pour the wine and light the candles. 😉 And do I want to find that show on Hulu? Will it hurt? LOL!
      And congrats on the new house tomorrow! Yay!

  3. Kath

    Crack with a side of chocolate paired with a shot of Jager.

    Kath recently posted…Cool Quotes- Part 2My Profile

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