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The universe is not conspiring against me…for a change
The universe is not conspiring against me…for a change

The universe is not conspiring against me…for a change

So last week I asked advice on smartphones. And when I went back to get Princess, the PMSing Laptop, I was fully prepared to plunk down some money and commit to another 2 year contract with Verizon. Happily. With a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

Alas, it was not to be.

The universe said no. Verizon won’t let me upgrade my phone (!) for another 12 months. Okee dokee then Verizon. Ain’t gonna happen!

‘Cause in another 12 or so months, I’m probably going to be in the market for a laptop that doesn’t get its panties in a knot when I turn it on, or ask it to do computer-y things, or type faster than it can understand. And that computer will be a MacBook, barring any unforeseen circumstances. And if I’m getting a MacBook in 12 or so months and my Verizon contract is up shortly after that…then Mama will also be in the market for an iPhone. ‘Cause right now I just want all my electronics to play nice together. They aren’t right now and Mama is tired of it.

I’d like to thank the universe for its foresight. I didn’t see this economic tsunami coming (I saw perhaps a hefty tidal wave…maybe somthing surfable, with enough practice…but not something of this magnitude. No, I haven’t checked my retirement account, I’m afraid to look), but the universe did and prevented me from slapping down cash last week. Thanks, universe! Glad you were on my side last week.

Now tell Murphy and his sadistic little Law to take a flying leap, will ya? Recovering from the stomach flu/food poisoning on my birthday sucked donkey danglies and was really BAD form.


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