Mar 16 2012

There and back and there and back again

For six months my calendar is pure white and I practically die from ennui. Then six months worth of activities are pushed into six days. Good times, good times.

Today A and I are attending the InHome Conference. My first homeschool conference. Please GOD let me suddenly have a flash of brilliance as to how to teach this kid. Or at the very least have a good time.

Then back home for his Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner/crossover to Boy Scouts.

Then back to the conference tomorrow. Have I mentioned that it’s 90 minutes away?

Then to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry for member’s night at the new Mythbuster’s exhibit.

Then Sunday a maple sirup (yes, it’s really spelled that way) hike with the scouts. And a meeting for me that night, again 90 minutes away.

Have I mentioned that gas in Chicago is currently around $4.30/gallon?

Have I mentioned that there’s been nothing on the calendar for months?

There will also be nothing on the calendar for Monday. We’ll need a day of rest.


  1. ChiTown Girl

    I can’t wait to hear your review of the Mythbusters exhibit. I almost took yesterday off to attend the opening. Lex is on spring break, and he LOVES that show.

  2. Benoit

    Cry baby ! Fuel here costs 25€/gallon !!!

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